New Professional Smartec Day/Night Dome Camera with 680/700 TVL Resolution and 2D/3D Noise Reduction System

New Smartec STC-3514 analog camera uses Sony Effio next-gen processor, 1/3" Double-Speed 960H dual-scan CCD and switchable IR cut filter.

Tallinn, Estonia, August 13, 2011 --( The Smartec STC-3514 compact dome camera is equipped with the latest Sony Effio processor and 1/3" Sony Double-Speed 960H dual-scan CCD. It generates images with 680/700 TVL resolution in Color/BW modes and can be effectively used on the applications with high-contrast light conditions. STC-3514 uses 2.8-10.5 mm zoom lens with AI and switchable IR cut filter with up to 32 switching levels. Smartec dome camera transmits high-quality Color/BW images at up to 0.1/0.08 lux with the ability to use frame accumulation mode, drastically increasing minimum scene illumination (up to 0.0001 lux). In addition, STC-3514 supports 2D/3D noise reduction algorithms, private masking zones and also has motion detection with face detection. The camera is powered by DC (12 V) or AC (24V) power sources.

STC-3514 uses Sony Effio next-gen processor with Double-Speed CCD, which provide 680/700 TVL resolution, 52 dB S/N ratio and realistic color rendering. In addition, dome camera features dual-scan technology, ensuring camera operation with 54 dB dynamic range. Due to the high resolution and double video processing, this dome device generates high-quality images even in difficult lighting conditions.

Sony Effio video processor provides 2D/3D dynamic noise reduction, which effectively removes noise on the video images. Thus 2D noise reduction algorithm uses spatial noise removal filter, while 3D - time filter with the analysis of relative frames, which "cleans" the image and improves the quality of the overall footage. To schedule electronic shutter operation this dome camera features Scheduled Shutter Mode technology. When it is activated the camera allows the operator to set up different electronic shutter settings for 4 day periods.

For operation on the applications with different light conditions, the new dome camera uses switchable IR cut filter and transmits Color/BW images at up to 0.1/0.08 lux. Switching the camera between Day/Night modes can be carried out automatically in accordance with the presets or by schedule. In order to avoid switching in a short-term change of light, this dome camera uses Delay Time function, which allows the operator to adjust switching delay time from 5 seconds to five minutes.

Built-in hardware motion detector provides additional security functions, enabling the operator to set different detection areas (24x16 zones) with individual settings for each zone. To avoid false alarms in case of short-term changes on the background dome camera utilizes Alarm Time function for setting up levels of alarm activation (up to 60 seconds). In addition, STC-3514 supports face detection (up to 4 in the frame).

Due to Clear Picture and E-Zoom technologies the new Smartec cameras can significantly increase the clarity and detail of the transmitted images. STC-3514 also features virtual progressive scan (VPS), which allows the camera to identify moving objects on the image, as well as to avoid image jitter. In addition, the new dome camera supports private masking zones (up to 16) with individual size and position.

Design of the camera body enables the operator to install it both on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Using 3-axis mounting bracket, the installer can select different viewing directions, while 2.8 to 10.5 mm varifocal lens helps to adjust viewing angles. In addition, dome camera supports automatic gain control (AGC), auto white balance and other settings to optimize video quality for the applications with different light conditions. The camera is powered by DC (12 V) or AC (24V) power sources.

The new Smartec STС-3514 dome cameras are offered from stock by Smartec dealers. For more information about STС-3514 and other Smartec dome models, please, contact your Smartec dealers directly.

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