BullsEye Marketing’s Top SEO and SEM Tips: 2nd Edition

The experts at BullsEye Marketing have been in the online advertising and marketing business in New Jersey (NJ) long enough to create some pro tips.

Scotch Plains, NJ, August 17, 2011 --(PR.com)-- While creating the last list of tips (view it here at http://bullseyenj.com/2011/08/15/bullseye-marketing’s-top-2-seo-and-sem-tips), the experts at BullsEye Marketing realized that many different tips did not make the cut. As a result, this is another gathering of a few important SEO and SEM tips.

For those who are unfamiliar with BullsEye Marketing, they are an online advertising and marketing agency. They are located in New Jersey (NJ) but they serve clients across the tri-state area. BullsEye Marketing has experience in creating websites, running SEM and PPC campaigns and analytical reports. For more information about BullsEye Marketing’s services, please visit http://bullseyenj.com/services.

And now, as promised, are two more SEO and SEM tips:

1. Use long tail keywords instead of one general keyword

A long tail keyword is defined as 2 or more search words that define a keyword. For example, “ad agency nj” is a long tail keyword while agency or advertising is not. In most cases, potential customers use long tail keywords like “ad agency nj” instead of just agency. The reason for this is because the more words in the keyword phrase, the more specific the online search. The long tail keywords should be inserted throughout the website and blog post. Additionally, they should appear in the header and anchor text of the page. The more that these long tail keywords appear on a web page or in a post, the more relevant the post or webpage is to these long tail keywords.

2. Track your results and growth.

Sign up for a free analytic program like Google Analytics. Put the code from this program into your website. Now, look at the results of your SEM and SEO tactics. This analytic program tracks visitors, page views, IP addresses, keywords and a whole slew of important information. The best suggestion is to start using this analytic program at the start of any Internet advertising campaign because the analytic program will give the business a benchmark of their success before the advertising campaign. Then, as the advertising campaign progresses, look at the analytic program to see the lift in views and sales.

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