vCard Source Launches allows business professionals to create, host and categorize interactive business cards.

San Diego, CA, August 13, 2011 --( vCard Source will launch, a website devoted to creating, hosting and categorizing interactive business cards. is an innovative website helping business professionals capture new customers through virtual interaction and organization utilizing the latest in technology. will allow business professional’s to easily create and display an interactive business card. Interactive business cards have shown to improve business and customer interaction. No matter how decretive or creative traditional business cards have become very few people save them. Majority of traditional business cards when given to new clients are misplaced, forgotten, or thrown away. solves this problem by allowing your business card to be quickly emailed, texted, or scanned to any cell phone or desktop computer. A mixture of simplicity and technology ensures your business contact information is instantly assessable. interactive business card includes unique data such as personal photo or company logo, direct contact information, summary about the services or products offered, direct links to social networks and online video’s. CardSmash interactive business cards include search engine optimization to help your company be found by leading internet search engines. Interactive business cards provide new clients with immediate information about you and company helping to secure new business.

Every interactive business card created is added to the CardSmash business directory, which is categorized by business industry. The business directory allows individuals to quickly locate, review and interact with a variety of professionals online such as lawyers, realtors, or contractors. CardSmash business directory provides an array of information which helps direct customers to qualified business professional and organizations that meet their requirements.

“As with so many others, my business now requires quite a lot of travel. One of the dreaded but necessary tasks is making sure that all the business cards I collect are entered into our database correctly. When people see that I use CardSmash they naturally ask questions and want to start using the service because of the ease of tracking, promoting, and following up with your contacts. Since we are an environmentally concerned company using this service is just one more positive step towards eliminating clutter and helping the environment. This is definitely one of the best services for business in quite a long time,” says Mark Oberlies- Account Manager for American Motor Products.

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