is Hosting Local Upstate N.Y. Grassroots Viewing Parties for the International Restoring Courage Event Being Held in Israel on Aug 24-25th

According to Mercury Radio Arts more than 100 countries will be represented at the International Restoring Courage event in Jerusalem the week of Aug. 22. They have announced that over 1000 Viewing Parties in the USA are slated to gather Americans together to Stand for Israel. Patriots for Israel will host two such parties in Upstate New York on Wed. 8/24 and Thurs. 8/25.

Round Lake, NY, August 16, 2011 --( According to Patriots for Israel founder Scott Tatro, "a local grass roots initiative comprising more than 1000 locations and growing is underway across the country. The goal is to demonstrate to the world that America's true Patriots choose to Stand for Israel." On August 24th and 25th in a small township in Upstate New York... "our fledgling organization will gather our local neighbors along with the millions of others from local civic, church, veterans', clubs, and member organizations who are each hosting Viewing Parties of this one-of-a-kind live International Peace Event being held in the heart of Israel."

According to Joe Kerry of Mercury Radio Arts, representatives from more than 100 countries, and national political figures from both parties from here in the USA are slated to attend these live events held in the heart of Jerusalem beginning on Monday August 22nd. "Glenn Beck started the ball rolling on RESTORING COURAGE several months ago when he announced his intentions to spark this worldwide initiative. He believes that Honor and Courage begin within each of our own lives and then extends to our families and finally into our communities, and that appears to be the recipe for a true grass roots following," states Tatro.

Scott Tatro is the founder of Patriots for Israel which launched its website earlier this year. He believes that his organization's efforts to provide online resources to educate and enlighten individuals "is one example of the many small parts that any individual can play when it comes to making a stand for peace and sanity to prevail in the Middle East." "There's a disconnect between the mainstream media's sound bites and political portrayal of the Middle East...and the historical factual information that is available for people who want to know the Truth," believes Tatro. His organization hopes to gather people from various walks of lives to take a few moments out of their week to learn a little bit about that truth...beginning with a local viewing the one being hosted at the Mill Tavern on Round Lake in Upstate New York on Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm.

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