AmazonDrops Wants to Present You with Pracaxi and Other Odd Amazonian Treasures

AmazonDrops products - not sold in stores - until recently were only available in doctors and aestheticians' offices. Many companies call themselves organic. Few like AmazonDrops can say they are 100% purely organic with nothing added, no preservative, no chemical, not even water. The botanicals used in AmazonDrops are grown and harvested in the Amazon rainforest.

Los Angeles, CA, August 16, 2011 --( You may have not heard about andiroba, pracaxi, cupuaçu, açaí, copaíba, buriti, maracujá, bacuri, ucuúba, murumuru, babaçu. But you will find every one of them and more in a recently opened store in Los Angeles that caters to even the most sophisticated and refined tastes for organic products.

All these odd names are simply fruits, seeds and botanicals from the Amazon rainforest that have been used by generations of forest people in Brazil to cure all kinds of ailments and protect their skin from the harsh tropical weather. They are the raw material for AmazonDrops offerings.

You may not have heard about AmazonDrops either, but this is changing fast. AmazonDrops is a collection of skin products made with Amazon oils, fruits and seeds. The concept behind it is that nothing is added to the oils and creams: no chemicals, no alcohol, no filler whatsoever, not even water. It's basically the fruit or seed pressed cold and put in a jar, unrefined, 100% pure organic.

The researchers at the Environmental Working Group, a cosmetic safety database, have already discovered AmazonDrops. They list over 65,000 cosmetics and personal care products for their safety. Going to their website - - you can check any beauty product for their safety or toxicity.

AmazonDrops products have also been tested by the organization and all of them get a 0 (zero) for no toxicity with the exception of a handful that get a 1 (one) for very little toxicity.

AmazonDrops Organic Skin Care does business in the US since 2005 as a wholesaler. Until recently their products were sold exclusively to aestheticians, spas and doctors offices. The company has now opened a retail store in Pasadena, California.

Their products are grown, harvested and prepared inside the Amazon forest. They are all fair traded and wild harvested so that small farmers in the Amazon can make a living gathering seeds instead of cutting trees down.

Through the Each Drop Saves a Tree program AmazonDrops is also part of a social project in communities inside the Amazon. Leda Bittencourt, the owner, a Brazilian who lives in the US, has been active in promoting the products and once a year she meets the small farmers who gather the raw material used in AmazonDrops.

AmazonDrops has now joined forces with Amazon Oil, a company that started in 1985 in Belém do Pará, in the Brazilian Amazon, as Curupira. That company was and still is a social project involving thousands of small farmers. In 25 years the project, which has been re-baptized as "Each Drop Saves a Tree," has saved half a million trees from being cut off.

You may contact the owner through or the telephones: 323-528-0049 and 626-584-1263. Their website:

AmazonDrops Organic Skin Care
Rodney Mello