Deep Brain Productions' "Uncle Bill's Bedtime Stories for Progressives" Now Available at CreateSpace

A new book of bedtime stories geared toward Progressive parents and their children has just been published at -- available at Amazon as a paperback and Kindle.

Elkridge, MD, August 14, 2011 --( Deep Brain Productions announced today a new book of bedtime stories, geared toward Progressive parents and their children has been published at -- also available at Amazon as a paperback and Kindle.

"Ever noticed how most of your better known bedtime stories have a decidedly conservative bias?" said author/illustrator Bill Schmalfeldt. "The basic plot line is, kid does something bad, kid gets caught, kid gets eaten by bears, torn apart by wolves or slow-roasted by witches. Is that the sort of image we want in our sweet baby's head as we send him or her off to nitey-nite time?"

A retired government writer/editor who has turned his attention towards satire, the 56-year old Schmalfeldt said he felt it was "high time there were some good bedtime stories for Progressive parents to read to their kids."

The book, "Uncle Bill's Bedtime Stories for Progressives" is clearly written with the same sort of "tongue-in-cheek" feel as the wildly successful "Go the F*ck to Sleep," written by Adam Mansbach. The collection of 30 stories and colorful illustrations is obviously aimed at liberal parents, more so than their kids.

"To prove my bipartisan spirit, I've included a few gratuitous Fables for Conservatives, because I like Conservative money as well as Liberal money. The Liberals will get the irony while the Conservatives will think the whole book supports their point of view," Schmalfeldt said.

The 136-page book is a glossy 8x11" paperback with color illustrations and is available for $28. "I have some discounts for those willing to jump a few hoops at my website,," the author said.

After nearly 12-years of living with Parkinson's disease, Schmalfeldt spends his post-retirement days pumping out satire, both on his personal blog and on the political section of Technorati with his column, "Observations of a Brain Damaged Troll."

"Basically, I write stuff that I know will make people angry. Once they're angry, if they have a brain, they'll start to think about why they're angry and maybe they'll get the point I was trying to make," Schmalfeldt said.

Schmalfeldt has previously published several other books, including "Put On Your Parky Face" which deals with his life with Parkinson's as well as his decision to volunteer for experimental brain surgery in the search for new and better treatments for the progressive neurological disorder that afflicts 1.5 million Americans. One hundred percent of all proceeds from the sale of that book are donated to the National Parkinson Foundation, Schmalfeldt said.

He has also written several other books of satire, including "Outrageous Accusations and Damnable Lies," "Can You BE a Tea Party Member and STILL Call Yourself Christian?" and "Why I Hate America, Freedom and Everything Decent." All these books are available through his website, along with free PDF downloads of sample chapters.

Schmalfeldt lives in Elkridge, Md., with his wife, Gail, "who has heard each of my essays read out loud before they were published, pretending to listen as she watches TV."

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