A Woman Denied... The Early Years by Rebone Makgato Now Available on Amazon.com

Mokopane, South Africa, August 15, 2011 --(PR.com)-- This is the story of Raymond, a mixed gender baby who was raised as a boy. Throughout school and teenage life, Raymond went through every imaginable heartbreak as the unmistakable signs of womanhood began to emerge... and struggled alone to survive.

A Woman Denied... The Early Years (amazon.com) is a life account of one beautiful woman named Raymond. Raymond was born in Pretoria. She spent a few years of her childhood in Soweto, Johannesburg. Her father, who was a stubborn traditionalist, had always wanted a boy. With two little girls in the house, he had reason to yearn for a little boy. When Raymond came, all wishes and hopes, and the pride and joy were shattered as the baby came with mixed gender. Neither could the baby be a boy or a girl... but subsequent domination from an abusive and drunkard father saw that the baby would lead life as a boy. Needles to say, it put paid to Raymond's mother, Evelyn's desire to raise a happy and healthy baby... as simply a baby she loved.

The account of the times and life of this wonderful and humble child is a tear-jerking story. Get in her shoes and walk through her trials and tribulations as she grows through life in the 70s and 80s. Experience the hurt and the abuses she had gone through; cry with her as all undeniable signs of womanhood surface... And at the same time think that there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of people like Raymond who the world keeps denying their true identities and existence. For Raymond, it was not a matter of choosing a specific gender - it was a fight to live life to the next day as she was denied to be a woman.

The author had known Raymond personally for over twenty-five years. As an investigative writer, she was always troubled by the way the world treated her. She was always at pains to justify her ignorance at doing nothing to change the life of this beautiful human being. Unable to keep quiet anymore, she began to investigate. Through most of the guilt and anguish that rocked Raymond's emotions, she was there, watching. Even when the inevitable moment came for Raymond to publicly go out as a woman, she was there, too. The result is the heart-felt account of this denied woman's life, as told by her over several years... This account of Raymond's life cover a period up to 1990, when she enters formal employment.

In keeping with the spirit and celebration of women, take an opportunity to step in Raymond's shoes and read this fascinating yet sad and touching story of this denied woman. And whatever you do, wherever you are, promise not to ever treat another human being the way you would never wish to be treated. Treat everybody with respect, whether you approve of their lifestyle or not. Being so close to my subject has taught me the true meaning of the saying: the body is the temple of the Lord It taught me also that all people are special and beautiful in their own ways... We could all make a difference by laughing and loving more and hating little.

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