i-Jet Connect: New Generation Platform for Social Games Presented at GDC Europe in Germany

Cologne, Germany, August 17, 2011 --(PR.com)-- i-Jet Media presented i-Jet Connect, a new generation technological solution for developers of social games. i-Jet Media announced i-Jet Connect at the Social Games Summit at GDC Europe. Slides can be found here: http://slidesha.re/pm7yvW.

i-Jet Connect is based on four key opportunities:
- publishing and distribution of social games around the world;
- purchase of targeted traffic on various social networks;
- promotion of social games on a large integrated cross-promo network;
- inserting brand advertisements in applications.

In addition, localization into 23 languages and hosting are available to order.

"i-Jet Connect is a cutting-edge and unique technology platform targeted at today's social games market. It combines separate solutions within a single platform. From now on, game developers will be able to manage their products on dozens and soon hundreds of social networks across the world," said Alexey Kostarev, CEO and Co-founder of i-Jet Media.

Social game developers are welcome to experience i-Jet Connect during a closed beta test which is expected to be completed by November 2011. They only need to register on http://iJetConnect.com to take part in this test. In the near future, i-Jet Media will finalize linking up i-Jet Connect with all of its 30+ partner social networks, and complete the automation of several processes.

"We will constantly increase the number of available platform services, but i-Jet Connect already allows social game developers to fully manage their products on global and local markets," Alexey Kostarev explained

i-Jet Media is one of the world's largest distribution networks and publishers of social games. The company's portfolio contains several dozen social games with an overall audience of 70 million users. With the help of its own technological platform, i-Jet Media publishes independent developers' applications on more than 30 social networks across the world.


i-Jet Media
Andrey Khachaturov