Author L Guy Burton's E-Book Remains on's Top 100 Best Seller List

"How To Be a Sure Winner At Casino Slots" provides a step-by-step process to increase the casino slot player's chances of winning on a more consistent basis.

Warwick, NY, August 24, 2011 --( L Guy Burton, author of several books, magazine articles, and screenplays, reveals, in his latest e-book on and, How To Be a Sure Winner At Casino Slots, the key strategies for winning consistently at casino slots and keeping ahead of the game as a regular player.

Burton advises, "If you want the same success rate that I've enjoyed, you first need to seriously answer some questions about your frame of mind regarding casino gambling and slots." He says, "Remember, it is just a game you're playing... and every game has winners and losers. "But," he states, "also keep in mind, every game has rules and strategies for beating your opponent." Burton says he has won over $130,000 since 2006.

He further states he has tested his theories at several casinos and discovered there is a pattern and certain conditions that will greatly improve one's opportunity for a profitable payout. "I win, virtually, every time I go to a casino, and usually play with the money they give me as 'free play.'"

Burton talks of being very disturbed by the overwhelming number of Blacks and Latinos he sees in the local New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut casinos, who pour money into the slot machines with less than positive results. He notes, "Most I've talked to say they don't really expect to win... 'but maybe I'll hit the big one, someday,' they tell me."

Pointing out the fact that casinos want winners, Burton says they also want their winners to be seen winning. A casino without winners would be a casino without customers, and luck, alone, based on random number generator(RNG), which is a system used in slot machines, would not insure sufficient winners and/or payouts. Casino managers have the ability to direct how, when, and where the next big jackpots are likely to occur.

As a Native American with insider information, observation, along with trial and error, are what he says have allowed him to produce a comprehensive guide to playing it smart when playing the slots. He says he hopes the time and effort he has invested in learning about their "secrets" will produce more knowledgeable players and give them a better advantage than just plain luck. He cautions, "Gambling is not recommended for everybody, but for those who do it, shouldn't they have an opportunity to improve their odds significantly?"

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