Introduces "NoDealing Desk" Trading with Cents to Forex Market

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Road Town, Virgin Islands, British, August 17, 2011 --( CENT No Desk Dealing Account is an Innovation Which Allows for Instant Interbank Market Access Even with 2 Cents.

The Forex trading market is essentially one of the biggest markets in the world. Opening a Forex account is the first step of venturing into the market. Online trading has made it extremely easy to open an account. There are many online brokers to choose from. However, a variety of brokers, accounts and features make it difficult to choose the right one. Moreover, there are a lot of undesirable conditions and limitations which make most of these options unsuitable for many people.

Forex4you, a leading in online Forex brokerage firm, has taken into account most of the problems created due to strict conditions of online Forex accounts. Employing their years of experience in the market, Forex4you has recently announced the launch of their CENT NDD account. CENT NDD is an innovative and flexible Forex account combining the benefits of No Dealing Desk trading with the potential for trading with small amounts.

On this occasion, the spokesperson for Forex4you said, “We won’t say that we are introducing the no dealing desk trading for the very first time, but with CENT NDD we are introducing all the benefits of no dealing desk trading in as less as 2 cents. We are quite positive that CENT NDD will encourage more and more people to enter the Forex market and establish their trust in this trade.”

Further highlighting the benefits and features of CENT NDD, the spokesperson explained that CENTNDD blends the benefits of No Desk Dealing with the CENT account. It will be bringing the convenience of one click trading to the CENT account. With speed being one of the major advantages, orders will be executed in less than one second.

Moreover, CENT NDD offers complete anonymity and transparency one expects from a no dealing desk account. Account conditions for CENT NDD make it more agreeable and suitable for most people. Other than allowing a minimum trade from just 2 cents, it also offers a low spread variable from 1 pip.

A client, who succeeds in trading on No dealing desk Cent account, can switch to Forex4you Pro account. Forex4you Pro account has no limit on maximum lot. Moreover, on Forex4you Pro-accounts till 31st of August there is a special offer with spread from 0 pips and no commissions.

Further details and information regarding the conditions for CENT NDD accounts and Summer Offer on Pro-accounts can be found on the website The website also offers an online Forex dictionary which explains common Forex terms.

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