Father and Son Revolutionize Portable Rigging Cranes

Father and son launch versatile, portable rigging crane with fully adjustable legs.

Ventura, CA, March 02, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Over eight years ago, Art Mora, 52, a resident of Ojai, Ca for invented the first prototype EZ-RIG® CRANE – a portable, versatile material-handling crane with fully adjustable legs. The first of it’s kind with extreme adjustability and maneuverability, the EZ-RIG® CRANE fits through a doorway and through tight spaces. The unique design allows the crane to spread its legs with outriggers and extend its boom to 18 feet, with the ability to lift, pull, drop, drag and load up to 2,500 lbs in complicated situations with an electric winch and 150 feet of cable.

John Mora, 26, class of Nordhoff ’98, currently attended Ventura College, began seeing a rising need in the market for his father’s invention and began building a business around the product, which is proving to be successful with HVAC contractors, Sheet Metal contractors, Pipe Fitters and independent parties using the cranes from anything from hanging statues off museum buildings to loading materials into boats.

“There’s nothing comparable on the market. The crane works wonders. We know firsthand.” Said John.

For the first few years, Art and John sold the cranes to the companies they worked in the field for, such as Western Air and Refrigeration, Inc.

“We literally were using our own tool on the job sites. It was a great feeling. But frustrating at the same time that we couldn’t concentrate on getting these things out into the market, because we had day-jobs.” Said Art.

John has taken over the business aspect of EZ-RIG® CRANES and lets his father concentrate on manufacturing and design.

“In 2006, we dedicated ourselves to the business and we’re seeing results.” Said John.

The company continues to grow steadily with large corporate clients such as Southland Industries and AAMCO.

For more information please visit www.ezrigcranes.com

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