John Hansen - Teenage Author - Published

Maybe the Shortest Murder Mystery Ever... John Hansen - Teenage Author - published.

Boston, MA, August 17, 2011 --( Have you ever woken up somewhere, someplace with no recollection of how you arrived there? Well, the same thing happens to Miles Owen, except his version is a little more serious. Miles is not drunk or drugged or anything for that matter. His mind is blank, his heart is empty and his feelings have disappeared. All memories, thoughts and emotions gone. Right out the window. It is as if he was… lobotomized. But like that is bad enough. Miles finds himself in this unfamiliar house with a bloodied knife clenched in his fist and a dead body at his feet. He has no recollection as to who he is, where he is, how he got there, what he is doing and worst of all, he is not entirely certain if he killed the dead man. Peculiarly, though, not even the subtlest hint of emotion crosses his mind. The house lock has been picked, the door flung open and Miles just stands there, clenching the knife and staring at the body. He remembers one thing and only one thing: the identity of the victim…

John Hansen announces the start of a new form of entertainment with the completion of his flash fiction story, Lobotomy. “Short & powerful” raves reviewer, Lynette Ferreira, author of The Dark, Dark House. Yes; short and powerful indeed. It may be the shortest murder mystery ever. Complete at approximately nine hundred words, Lobotomy is only the first of a flash fiction trilogy set in modern-day New York City. “Free entertainment in a minute,” says John Hansen, author of this trilogy. After a long, wearisome work day when all you want to do is sleep, this short story will be a refreshing blast of icy water to your face that will have you begging for more. With Lobotomy, a minute is all you need to perk your mood. And better yet, this book is 100% free. “So where can I get it?” you ask earnestly. From your computer, iPad or mobile reading device (Kindle, Nook, etc.). Download a copy no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

John Hansen is a teenage author – yes a teenage author – who lives in New England with his family and dog. He has just completed a 76,000 word novel, Down by the Bay, which he has queried several agents regarding. As John ever impatiently waits for responses, he has decided to squander some time by composing this flash fiction trilogy. Read Lobotomy and stay tuned for the arrival of his final two books in the series: The Reason and The Murder. You can visit John’s author page at Smashwords (just search John Hansen) for updates regarding these books (this is also where you can download them from) or if you would like to contact him please do so via commenting on his blog http://incessantdroningofaboredwriter.wordpress(dot com) or email him at JHansenAuthor(at)gmail(dot)com. Visit his blog if you would like your flash fiction reviewed for free or if you want to enter in various contests.

Lobotomy’s ISBN number is 978-1-4657-2699-5 if you plan to search for it, but for a direct link to the book go to the Smashwords website and search for Lobotomy. John appreciates any reviews or comments you may have regarding his book or future books. Thank you.

John Hansen