J.A. Carlton’s Literary Exploits Take Aim at Children

Thriller writer J.A. Carlton is now using her Young Adult “Heroes of the Line” series to show victims of abuse that in spite of their hardships, they can be heroes.

Austin, TX, August 17, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Last month Uneak Press, Inc.’s foundation author, thriller writer J.A. Carlton launched her “Heroes of the Line” campaign from her Nick, of Time Facebook page.

The campaign is named after Carlton’s “Heroes of the Line” book series.

The series follows the supernatural adventures of Nick, and Frank Emerson, two young brothers who learn they’re destined to save the world of light from the evil, Living Dark and its sinister agents, Schades.

Schades are ghoulish creatures that travel through shadows, and nurture the darkness inside people in order to use them for their own means. One of the people these sinister creatures are using is Dick Pickerd (or “Mr. Pigg” as the boys call him), a child molester who insinuated himself into the mother’s world in order to get at her sons. A common practice for child molesters and sexual predators in the real world

“'Nick, of Time' is a deceptively easy read, but make no mistake, this is no ordinary ‘children as heroes’ story. Jill’s the first author I’ve encountered who’s willing to explore the long term repercussions of child abuse from the child’s perspective.” – Elaine Zuliani, CFO and Spokesperson for Uneak Press, Inc.

At the core of the series are Nick Emerson and his little brother Frank, the two of whom share more than just a brotherly bond, they share a destiny. These boys know that without each other, the world of light, on whose behalf they’re preparing to wage war, will not survive. They also know that their very survival depends on looking out for each other, a job Nick can’t trust to anyone but himself, especially when it comes to protecting Frankie from “Pigg.”

Far from her first sweeping storyline, Carlton cut her series teeth on her “Freedom Fighter” books. The first installment, Wednesday’s Child details the intentional destruction of the United States of America at the hand of its own governing body. Her use of currently available technology and terrifying ability to project where it all may well be leading us as a nation should classify the books as Horror instead of Political Thriller.

“I’m a conspiracy buff, in my mind the only reason “Wednesday’s Child,” “Into The Fire,” and “Fortune’s Tide,” which hasn’t been released yet, aren’t listed as non-fiction is simply because they haven’t happened yet. But I’d lay odds that it’s started.” – J.A. Carlton.

Carlton has pledged 30% of her own earnings, from any of her books, toward the “Heroes of the Line” campaign.

“It’s about giving folks a chance to make a difference, to be that hero for someone else in exchange for good entertainment,” say both Carlton and Zuliani with regards to the campaign.

To sweeten the pot, Carlton has also initiated a Book-A-Month giveaway Sweepstakes from a tab on the same Facebook page.


The only catch is that you have to provide an order confirmation number in order to enter, however all the links provided to the books will take a reader to the e-book in an attempt to keep costs down and sustainability at a maximum.

The contest winners will receive a hard copy of the book of their choice signed with gratitude by the author, and December’s winner will receive a copy of all four books.

Carlton is the foundation author at Uneak Press, Inc. “A publisher for writers who are passionate about their craft.” Uneak Press has also added a new name to their literary roster, an Austin based supernatural thriller writer named Will Holloway whose first release titled: “The Immortal Body” will be making its debut in the spring of 2012.

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