Bestselling Book on Referral Selling Selected for Inclusion in the Forbes Book Club

Paul McCord's bestselling book on referral selling, Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income: Sales Success through Client Referrals, has been selected to be included in the offerings to members by the prestigious Forbes Book Club.

Katy, TX, April 02, 2007 --( Internationally known author, speaker, sales trainer and management consultant, Paul McCord, announced today that his bestselling book on referrals, Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income: Sales Success through Client Referrals, has been selected for inclusion in the Forbes Book Club.

“Having the book selected to be included in the Forbes Book Club is a big honor,” McCord said. “The book has garnered great reviews from SellingPower Magazine’s Sales Management Newsletter, CRM Magazine, and AllBooks Reviews, and strong endorsements by other international sales trainers such as Dave Lakhani, Dr. Joe Vitale, Frank Rumbauskas, and many others, but I certainly wasn’t expecting to have the book selected to be included in such a prestigious book club’s offerings,” he added.

“I was concerned a few weeks ago when Amazon, Books a Million, the US wholesale houses and many other retailers ran out of books. There was a short period of a couple of weeks when the demand for the book far outstripped supply, but my publisher, John Wiley and Sons did a great job of getting everyone restocked. I was a little concerned that having the book show up on the “hard to find” lists would hurt sales permanently. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened. Since the inventories were restocked, the book has constantly been a bestseller for companies like Amazon—always on their bestselling list for Sales and Selling books.”

In addition to being selected to be included as a Forbes Book Club offering, McCord says he is also honored that so many of his peers are recognizing the book as being the authoritative work on referral selling. “To have people like Dave Lakhani, Frank Rumbauskas, Wendy Weiss, Stu Taylor and others acknowledge my effort as the best written on the subject is also quite an honor. But the biggest honor is the support so many have shown by buying the book—and the great emails and letters of appreciation from them for the new information and training that is helping them increase their incomes and become better salespeople.”

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