Announces the Launch of Its Website with Plans of Setting a New World Record for Most Ads on a Web Page

A new website has just been launched,, which plans to break the world record for the number of paid ads on a single page. The record, they say, will guarantee a continuous flow of traffic to their site and they have also pledged to donate up to $50,000 to a charity of a randomly chosen advertiser.

Washington, DC, April 02, 2007 --( Just launched, is a new advertising site which has dedicated itself to breaking the record for the most number of paid ads on a single page. Sounds like a crazy idea but if they manage to pull it off this could be an advertiser's dream.

The idea is simple. Have more paid ads displayed on one page than any other internet site. Once they achieve this they will be entered into the record books which will in turn generate traffic to their site.

Unlike other sites, How Many Ads believes that holding the title to the most advertised webpage will provide a steady stream to traffic for years to come, instead of fading away into obscurity once they reach their goal, as these other sites do. This will allow advertisers to pay a once off fee to have their ad displayed on the page for a number of years for a site which will receive a steady stream of traffic from curious web surfers.

Once they have reached their goal of breaking the world record, How Many Ads plans to donate $25,000 to charity. When an advertiser places an ad on the site they are able to nominate a charity, and when they achieve the world record the $25,000 is donated to the chosen charity of a randomly selected advertiser. They have also pledged another $25,000 if they reach a 'magical' number of 5,000 ads.

The ads will be displayed on the page on a first-come-first-serve basis encouraging advertisers to get in early for a prominent position. The last 50 ads received are also displayed in a scrolling banner across the top of the home page, meaning advertisers who get in late are also given some prime real-estate on the page for a while.

The ad space is sold in blocks of 25x25 pixels, with a maximum of 9 blocks for an ad which can be arranged in any manner, giving the advertiser the ability to design their own eye-catching image which will stand out.

If takes off and reaches their record this will be a site visited by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people for years to come and could provide fantastic advertising potential for any business.

How Many Ads
Alex Aitken