Publisher Reveals Techniques for Top SEO Placement in Marketing Challenge on discloses the five critical SEO strategies for generating top placement in search engine results pages in the Bakermewting Web Marketing and SEO Challenge.

Barrie, Canada, August 17, 2011 --( As the Bakermewting Web Marketing and SEO challenge enters its final days, Tom Stewart, publisher of and owner of has elected to release the five critical SEO strategies that have led to the high placement of the website in the competition. The final test is being conducted on Wednesday August 17th in Barrie. The web marketing and SEO challenge was initiated by Drew Dekker, COO of NetGain SEO of Barrie and an instructor of Web Analytics and Marketing in the Georgian College Web Animation and Design program. Bakermewting is an anagram of the phrase Web Marketing. Establishing a website centered on Bakermewting and then applying current SEO and web marketing principles is intended to provide students the hands-on knowledge to be able to market their own or clients’ websites after graduation. Since the word Bakermewting was coined for the purpose, search engine results should be free from the interference of any historical references.

Stewart says that the five critical SEO strategies he outlines can be used successfully to help the findability of any website. He says that the five critical strategies relate to:

Relevant content,
Appropriate meta data,
Good back links,
Use of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools,
Promotion through social media.

Each of these themes is expanded upon here:

Relevant Content
Develop original, high-quality content that is relevant to your target market. Code content with appropriate and semantic HTML tags. Use appropriate keyword density. Update content regularly.

Appropriate Meta Data
Optimize meta content and related data on your site, including Meta Description tags, Title Tags and Meta Keyword tags.

Back Links
Built a network of back links to your site from reputable sites. Use the Open Site Explorer tool to analyze the sites and rankings of websites that link to your competitors. Seek mentions on blogs. Issue news releases on newsworthy events regarding your site and your company.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
Establish a free account and Incorporate Google Analytics tracking code into each page of your site, then use the reports to analyze the metrics on visitors to your site. Establish a free account with Google Webmaster Tools and take advantage of the wide array of tools to improve the visibility of your site.

Social Media
In today’s connected world, it is essential to use the power of social media to promote your site and build traffic to it. Start by establishing free accounts with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

A link to a PowerPoint presentation outlining these same SEO strategies is available at the home page of the website at Also included on the site are other tips and hints and a log of the initiatives that have raised to the top of the search engine results pages (SERP).

For more information on the Bakermewting, Web Marketing and SEO Challenge, visit the website at

Tom Stewart