Defined Fitness Partners Up with Pittsburgh Jeans Company for Fitness Challenge

Wexford, PA, August 18, 2011 --( For years people have measured weight loss through the use of a bathroom scale and personal trainers worldwide have used body percentages as the gold standard for monitoring progress. However, Defined Fitness, a local club in Wexford owned by Josh Proch and Tammy Zubasic, has changed their approach to how they monitor weight loss. They are using jean size instead.

“When someone starts working with weights they don’t always see a big change on the scale, but they do notice a change in how their clothes fit,” said Zubasic. “What happens is that in the beginning they add muscle tissue to their bodies and lose fat at the same rate. We want this because adding muscle tissue increases the body’s metabolism and results in more calories burned, but it creates a problem when the client gets on the scale and doesn’t see a big difference in what she weighs. The number on the scale will come down eventually; because you will not keeping adding muscle to your body and the fat will continue to decrease. As a result, we’ve decided to just take the focus off the scale and use jean size as the monitor. We typically see a 2 size loss in only 8 weeks!” Zubasic continued.

Defined Fitness is not the only club who has caught on to this, among them are a group of about 70 fitness professionals all across the globe who are using the same principles. This group, Results Fitness Business Mastermind Group, has decided they are all going to simultaneously run a challenge in their clubs called “Rock Your Jeans,” where participants will have be given an fitness program, nutrition plan, and 8 weeks to get into jeans that are two sizes smaller. Each participant is to bring in a pair of jeans that they currently can’t button and are 1-2 sizes too small. At the end if they fit into their jeans they will receive a gift card from a local clothing store to use toward a new pair of jeans. For Defined Fitness they have partnered up with Pittsburgh Jeans Company, who are local experts in the jeans business and size and fit each of their customers.

The “Rock Your Jeans” Challenge will have a kick off seminar on Thursday September 15th at 7 p.m. and the challenge will start the following Monday, September 19th, 2011. Members can register by calling 724-934-2000 or visiting for more information.

Defined Fitness
Josh Proch