Provocative Indie Author Lands Coveted Slot at Vroman's

Graeme Rylee, author of The SpudGun Circus is Vroman's first pick for their New Writer's section.

Pasadena, CA, August 18, 2011 --( The SpudGun Circus goes on sale today at Vroman's, Pasadena's oldest and most celebrated independent bookstore. Graeme Rylee, is the first writer to be featured in the store's section dedicated to New Authors.

"Vroman's has such a history, and I've been buying books there for years," Rylee says, "so I was really excited to be chosen. It's going to be a thrill seeing my book on their shelves."

In a past interview, Rylee commented on the vast changes in the publishing world and predicted the "ultimate downfall of Border's and Barnes & Noble." "Amazon's margins are razor thin," he stated, "and I just don't think the brick-and-mortar biggies have a sustainable business model." He believes this change will pave the way for indie bookstores to flourish.

"Vroman's is a good match for The SpudGun Circus," Rylee says. "They both have the true indie spirit. I'm not against big corporations per se, but there's no way in hell I'd let The SpudGun Circus be sold in one. It's an edgy book -- a veritable assault on the reader's sensibilities, and I only want it carried by the indies. To do otherwise would be inauthentic."

Rylee admits to being a little nervous about the opening day. "Of course anytime you put a creative work out for public scrutiny you're going to have butterflies, but that's part of the deal. I already test marketed The SpudGun Circus at book festivals and studied the reader's reactions. When they open it, they either recoil and drop it like a hot potato, or they can't stop reading it -- which is good -- because the last thing I want is a lukewarm response. But seriously, if the reader can get through the first two chapters, it lightens up and gets more comedic."

"We're excited to be featuring Graeme Rylee and other independent writers," says Sherri Gallentine, the buyer in charge of Vroman's New Author section. "It's a great way for us to help new writers as well as introduce our readers to some cutting-edge authors."

Vroman's Bookstore is located at: 695 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91101 (626) 449-5320

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