Chef Adrianne's to Host "Once Upon A Time In Mexico" Dark Dining Events

Miami, FL, August 18, 2011 --( Chef Adrianne Calvo, a trailblazing Miami, Florida-based culinary artist whose considerably accomplished career has been marked by her constant willingness to innovate, continues her highly regarded Dark Dining series this coming Wednesday, August 17th and Thursday, August 18th with two consecutive flavor filled south-of-the-border themed nights entitled "Once Upon A Time In Mexico," Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar, the West Kendall enclave that has become an epicenter of gastronomic creativity in the highly competitive South Florida restaurant scene, will serve as the host location on both evenings.

The concept of “Dark Dining,” which enjoyed significant popularity throughout Europe for several years before its introduction in various major cities throughout the United States, has been defined as "a sensory overload encounter that maximizes the art of flavor by suppressing vision, and therefore creates the ultimate in dining experience." The concept was introduced on a wide scale in the Zurich, Switzerland-based eatery Blindekuh in 1999, which was owned by blind clergyman Jorge Spielmann. European cities such as Paris, Cologne, Berlin, and Hamburg eventually followed suit and now boast numerous restaurants that feature this extraordinary dining alternative.

In September 2009, Chef Adrianne's became the first Miami-based establishment to introduce the Dark Dining phenomenon when it hosted its first 3 such events on consecutive Thursdays that month. Those initial dates served to successfully expose and establish the unique dining experience to a South Florida audience that often dives into new trends, provided they are steeped in quality.

"My staff and I embraced the initial opportunity to bring Dark Dining to our patrons two years ago, even if at first we weren't quite sure how it would all evolve each night," recalls Chef Adrianne. "As it turns out, it has become something those who are preparing and serving the meals, as well as those that get to enjoy the fruits of our labor, look forward to each and every time!"

The Dark Dining format, which entails participants dining blindfolded in a particularly dimly lit setting throughout a multiple course meal, has proven to be an ideal platform for the work of a chef that is already renowned for her ability to pleasantly surprise her guests and their palates on a regular basis with dishes that feature a succulent, and often unprecedented, combination of flavors. With their sight temporarily unavailable, Dark Dining guests at Chef Adrianne’s are able to hone all of their other senses in on their meals, considerably enhancing their level of enjoyment.

Since the first series of Dark Dining events, Chef Adrianne's has put a unique twist on each subsequent occasion by creating what could be more aptly termed an experience, rather than just a meal. Phantom Nights, an evening in November 2009 that saw the restaurant transformed into a vintage opera house and gothic theater complete with phantom masks and candelabras, and When In Rome, a tie-in to the DVD release of the 2010 romantic comedy of the same name that featured a 5 course Italian meal, are just two examples of the full immersion into each theme that Chef Adrianne strives to provide her patrons.

"Typically, our approach at Chef Adrianne's is to create an indelible dining memory for each customer, something that will stand the test of time in their mind when they think of some of the best meals they've ever enjoyed," explains Chef Adrianne. "With Dark Dining events, we strive to take this approach even one step further, so that the experience is far more than just a night out enjoying your typical 'nice dinner'."

Both of the "Once Upon A Time In Mexico" Dark Dining events will require advanced reservations via e-mail or telephone, and will feature a specialized menu customized to the unique conditions of the proceedings. Chef Adrianne's Vineyard Restaurant and Wine Bar may be reached via 305-408-8386 or 305-408-8388 and online through

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