Cardea International Announces New Website Redesign Featuring Asset Allocation, Managed Futures & Fund Investment Content

With a website redesign and content development Cardea International will be able to provide existing and potential clients with more relevant information on investment management, asset allocation, fund of funds, and fund performance reports and data.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg, August 19, 2011 --( Cardea International, a leading investment management company focusing on multi-asset fund of funds, recently launched a new website design for the company’s website, Now with a modern design and expanded features, the new website has a more interactive interface for the average website visitor, and at the same time provides valuable data on investment funds, managed futures, asset allocations and any industry-related topics.

Apart from the usual information found on most websites like the company information, contact details, and product pages, the new Cardea website features detailed information on related investment strategies, asset allocation articles, and many unique insights designed to guide individual investors, financial advisors and institutional investors.

Other website functions include quick links to popular web pages and a download section that posts all fund performance reports, current asset allocations, and fund Net Asset Value (NAV) and the online inquiry form for requesting information on how to invest in the Cardea Mosaic Global Fund.

“We are very happy to be able to provide existing clients as well as potential investors our new webpage and give them access to more information about the framework and concepts we use when investing their capital,” says Per-Olov Jansson Cardea’s CEO.

The Mosaic Global Fund is one of very few true multi-asset funds in the market place that gives clients access to not only traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds but also to more advanced investments like hedge funds, private equity and managed futures continues Per-Olov. This provides clients with the opportunity to make money in all types of market climates.

Cardea is currently managing its Mosaic Global Fund SICAV – a Multi-Asset Fund of Funds that is featured prominently on the website. The main purpose of this arrangement is to guide and assist the average qualified investor in making an informed and well-researched decision to invest with the Mosaic Global Fund. Cardea’s Mosaic Global Fund is available for direct investments as well as through the Royal Skandia, Friends Provident, and Royal London 360 life platforms.

About Cardea International
Cardea International is an investment management company based in Luxembourg. The company is currently managing its Mosaic Global Fund SICAV – a Multi-Asset Fund of Funds. Cardea envisions, launches and manages a range of wealth management funds targeted to Intermediaries, Individual Investors and Institutions. By combining investments across a wide range of asset classes, a highly diversified portfolio is achieved, which produces increased risk-adjusted returns and lower volatility.

For more information on Cardea International’s Mosaic Global Fund, visit the newly redesigned website at

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