Cyprus, Italy & Greece Are Top Destinations for UK Couples Looking to Marry Abroad

London, United Kingdom, August 19, 2011 --( A recent survey by Weddings Abroad & Honeymoons indicates that European countries like Cyprus, Italy and Greece are top of the list for UK couples looking to getting married abroad.

Of the 1600 brides and grooms who participated in the survey, 12% indicated they were exploring getting married in Cyprus. A further 11% were looking at Italy and 7% looking at the Greece.

While these countries are going through economic difficulties, “they remain popular as they are picturesque, relatively easy to get to and most often have better weather than you would get in the UK,” says Ursula Barzey, Marketing Director, Weddings Abroad & Honeymoons. “Also, whereas a wedding in the UK will cost on average around £20,000, a wedding at one of these destinations will be around £6,500 so quite a savings for a new couple starting out!”

The complete top 10 list of wedding abroad destinations for UK couples include:

Cyprus (12%), Italy (11%), Greece (7%), United States (7%), South Africa (5%), Spain (4%), Jamaica (4%), France (4%), Barbados (4%), and St Lucia (4%).

Editor’s Note:
1. Surveys were conducted at the National Wedding Show – London (36%), National Wedding Show – Birmingham (34%), and UK Wedding Show – London (30%).
2. Additional data with regards to popular destinations in each region for weddings abroad and honeymoons can be obtained at:
3. Average wedding abroad expenditure was obtained from Mintel Report, Weddings & Honeymoon Abroad, February 2011.

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