A New Sensory Experience with the Allview F3 Sensy Dual SIM Mobile Phone

F3 Sensy is a Dual SIM mobile phone with a 3.2" touchscreen, a 3.2 MP camera plus Wi-Fi, EDGE, GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity. F3 Sensy stands out from Allview's mobile range for its customizable, dynamic and friendly menus that order intuitively all its functions.

Brasov, Romania, September 06, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The menus Main, Shell, Widget and App facilitate easy access to all the features of this complex phone offering a multiple sensory experience.

The Main Menu has two screens that can be set through three-dimensional images in a spatial or tornado form only by selecting one of the two available themes.

The Shell Menu is dedicated to multimedia applications, but also includes access to calls and messages. "Favorite calls" adds new contacts with photo, phone number, email and address while the "Message Box" is displayed as a notebook that can be scroll to view each message. The option "Conversation" can trace the entire history of a conversation with someone. For writing messages the phone provides three different keyboards: a QWERTY one, a classic one or a manual writing one. In addition to the keyboards there is the copy/paste text function through which links, sentences and words can be inserted into other text modules.

The submenu "View Images" runs the gallery pictures in 3D perspective. By simply pressing one of the photos you access the the options to send it by e-mail, MMS or Bluetooth etc. In "Contacts", by typing letters, numbers or groups of letters, the 'intelligent search' function opens easily all records derived from those possible combinations.

The App Menu has three customizable screens for ordering according to preference all of the installed Java applications. Applications can be active simultaneously and can remain open in the background while using other phone functions.

The Widget Menu adds useful widgets such as notes, calendar, missed calls, alarms etc on the main screen of the device. By connecting to the internet new ones can be downloaded from WidgetStore: Weather, Browser bookmarks, Blackjack, Google Search etc.

The F3 Sensy allows the installation of Mobiquus PushMail application and has the synchronization function that enables the synchronization of the calendar and contacts with a profile server. For users active in social networks the F3 Sensy connects via Snaptu to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa and many others. Instant messaging services offered by Yahoo, MSN, AIM and Google Talk can be accessed via eBuddy. Last but not least the phone has a photo editor, a call rejection option via SMS and can be customized with hundreds of games and applications from the Allview Store.

The F3 Sensy Dual SIM phone can connect to the internet via GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi and can switch networks automatically. It also has Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP thus transmiting high quality audio signal (stereo) to compatible devices. In addition it has a microUSB port and a 3.5mm stereo jack for the headsets the come in sales package.

The F3 Sensy has a media player that opens video and audio files such as MP3s, videos and movies on YouTube. It also has a 3.2 MP camera that records video at a resolution of 720 x 560 pixels at 30fps. The photos are stored in a 3D gallery in the phone's internal memory or in the external one that can reach up to 8 GB through a microSD card. The camera also has the "Portrait" format that recognizes the person in the frame for a better focus.

Contact: Andra BLAJ, PR Manger, phone no. 0040268337085

About Allview Mobile Romania: Allview is a Romanian company established in 2002, producer and distributor of Dual SIM mobile phones and electronic products. It is recognised as one of the fast-growing brands in Romania due to the free services and facilities attached to products.

The Allview mobile phones make it possible for you to separate the business from the personal calls or to call in different networks at low costs. For more information, please visit our website at www.allviewmobile.com.

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