CannaLicense Has a New Corporate Office in Denver

Phoenix, AZ, August 19, 2011 --( The medical marijuana licensing center, Cannalicense has announced the opening of their new corporate office in Denver, Colorado. The new corporate office is located at 2250 S Oneida Street, Suite 306. This change is in response to the increase in applicants since the approval for medical marijuana use in Colorado and Arizona. The licensing center promotes their professional service to establish the necessity for law-makers to keep medical marijuana decriminalized to treat their patient’s pain and discomfort.

Arizona is one of the latest states to decriminalize the personal use of cannabis for controlling chronic pain, and to promote appetite, when undergoing treatment for cancer or HIV. Treating conditions with medical marijuana requires a license and Cannalicense assists patients throughout the application process. Patients seeking a medical marijuana card must have a diagnosis or condition confirmed that is eligible for medical marijuana use. Some of these conditions include: glaucoma, chronic pain, severe nausea, seizures and severe muscle spasms.

If an applicant would like to treat a condition that is not qualified, they are invited to submit documentation with evidence supporting the benefits of medical marijuana use, for the pain that they suffer from.

Cannalicense employs cannabis-friendly doctors and caregivers for patients, and supports the treatment of debilitating conditions through medical marijuana. The licensing center can be contacted directly.

2250 S. Oneida ST #306
Denver, Co 80224
Arizona: MMJ.DOCS


For more information on the new Cannalicense corporate location or applying for a medical marijuana license in Colorado or Arizona visit,
Travis Howard