CannaLicense Partners with to Help Medical Marijuana Patients Learn About Efficacy and Strains

Phoenix, AZ, August 19, 2011 --( CannaLicense has just announced that they have partnered with to help medical marijuana patients learn about efficacy and strains. Cannalicense is a medical marijuana licensing company that works with residents of Colorado and Arizona to get a license, to treat their illnesses and conditions legally, with the use medical marijuana. is a website dedicated to reviewing strains of medical marijuana. The site was created when the founders felt that there was a lack in quality information for medical marijuana patients. The site provides honest and unbiased reviews that are delivered in a professional and methodical manner. also provides a list of dispensaries, including a dispensary finder search tool.

Cannabis has been used all over the world for thousands of years for its medicinal effects. It has the ability to alleviate chronic pain, and encourages the appetite, which has been extremely beneficial to patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment and AIDS patients undergoing aggressive treatment and medication.

The partnership between Cannalicense and KindReviews will provide valuable information to medical marijuana patients, and will continue to educate society as a whole, on the legitimacy and safety of using marijuana to treat pain.

Both parties encourage direct contact for further information.

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Travis Howard