Red Dog Introduces "Red’s Watering Hole" Traveling Dog Bowl

Austin, TX, August 19, 2011 --( The Red Dog Company, a wholesale marketer of innovative, high-quality products for retail pet supply stores, has introduced Red's Watering Hole Dog Bowl, a unique collapsible, lightweight portable water and food bowl that attaches to a leash or collar for easy carrying and accessibility. The bowl retails for $8.99.

According to “Pet Supplies in the U.S.,” a report from market research publisher Packaged Facts (a division of, retail sales of non-food pet supplies will reach an estimated $15 billion in 2011. The U.S. Humane Society reports that there are approximately 77.5 million owned dogs in the U.S. and 39 percent of the nation’s households own at least one dog.

Red's Watering Hole Dog Bowl is an inventive, collapsible polymer drinking bowl rigid enough to withstand canine jaws and hold up to three cups of water or food, but flexible enough to fold after use and snap onto a leash or collar (or be dropped into a pocket or purse). Measuring 5in.(D)-x-5in.(W)-x-2in.(L), the distinctive square turquoise drinking bowl is designed for dogs of any size on the move—from taking quick walks to hiking, camping, road trips, even hunting. Compact and lightweight, the bowl is easily washed clean and dries quickly. The bowl folds in half and attaches to a dog's leash or collar via a snappable strap.

Red Dog Company owner Allison Sims developed Red's Watering Hole Dog Bowl for her red Labrador retriever Kai, which suffers from mild seizures. The sudden attacks leave the dog thirsty, so Sims decided to take a portable drinking bowl along on walks.

"Over the years we purchased countless ‘travel/collapsible’ dog bowls, only to discover that they either fall apart, get moldy or were single use," she explained.

Seeking a viable, durable alternative, Sims applied her background as a professional designer to come up with a portable dog bowl sturdy enough to hold up to a dog’s drinking and eating exertions yet pliable enough to fold and store before and after use.

"We set out to design a bowl that can be reused, attaches to a leash or collar and is lightweight enough to avoid weighing down the leash," she said. "We needed it to be easy to take along on walks and also be reusable."

The result, after a year of R&D, was Red's Watering Hole Dog Bowl, named in honor of Kai's burnt sienna-colored coat.

Red's Watering Hole Dog Bowl is made of durable, recyclable EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), a waterproof synthetic plastic that is both firm and flexible with good barrier properties, low-temperature toughness, and excellent resistance to stress-cracks and UV radiation. The material is odorless and free of BPA (Bisphenol A), a chemical compound commonly used in plastics manufacturing and associated with health problems in humans and animals.

"It turned out that, in terms of form and function, the square shape works best," Sims said, emphasizing the bowl’s reinforced corners and edges. The dog leash slides through a flexible strap firmly affixed to the bowl. The strap features a simple fastener that clicks closed with finger pressure around the folded bowl and leash for a secure attachment.

"Just snap it and go," Sims said. "Keys can also be easily attached to a key ring on the strap."

Red's Watering Hole Dog Bowl is available at the Container Store (, a specialty retail chain with 49 locations throughout the United States.

The complete line of Red Dog Company products is currently available at numerous retail outlets in California, Texas, Colorado, New York, New Orleans, La. and Canada. Included shops are:

· MetroDog , Austin, Texas - (512) 466-7297
· The Broadmoor Hotel Pet Boutique, Colorado Springs, Col. – (800) 634-7771
· Fetch Club, New York, N.Y. – (212) 401-8199
· Three Dog Bakery, Newport Beach, Calif. – (949) 760-3647

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