“Creation By Design” Captures Six of the Top 50 Bestselling Products

Creation By Design Bible-based products win SIX of the most sought after Top 50 Bestsellers slots in STL Distribution/Advocate’s list in their new Spring 2012 catalog.

Teaneck, NJ, August 20, 2011 --(PR.com)-- "It’s nice to be liked! It’s even nicer to be popular, but Wow!" said Steven Kaye, CCO of Creation By Design. Creation By Design Bible-based products win six of the most sought after Top 50 Bestsellers slots in STL Distribution/Advocate’s list in their new Spring 2012 catalog. For a new company, this is truly miraculous.

With top slots awarded to six of the first eight products ever offered by Creation By Design, it is a resounding message by store owners and consumers alike; they want more quality products for this underserved youth market. Also, that Creation By Design’s unique computer-generated Biblical images are the perfect method for today’s kids to learn the stories of the Bible.

The company, founded in 2007 by Steven Kaye (its first products rolled out in 2010), has produced over 200 original Biblical images using the computer-generated image or CGI technique that children are seeing in popular movies, websites and video games.

The top picks went to the first three books in the Xander Nash adventure book series for 1st-3rd graders, and three of Creation By Design’s initial offering of Bible Activity Books, each a 24 page book with coloring pages, mazes, word and logic puzzles. Whether coloring digital images of the Artifacts of the Tabernacle, Creation of the World, or the Ten Commandments, kids and their parents alike purchased the brightly colored pink, blue and green covers of these popular items.

According to Kaye, “We are extremely grateful to the Lord for allowing us to do His work, and truly thankful to the hundreds and thousands of store owners and consumers who have become fans of our artwork and message. In such a short time, we have grown so that we now offer almost 125 different exciting collectible Bible products. The people have spoken, and we applaud their support in bringing Creation By Design products to Christian children everywhere.”

Larry Carpenter, an icon in Christian retailing for 25 years, and CEO of Creation By Design, said, “For me, even more than the Activity Books, is the Top 50 Bestseller listings of the Xander Nash chapter book series, Books 1, 2, & 3! These Biblical adventure stories are a great way for kids to learn their Bible stories in a fun and exciting way. To a certain degree, I am not surprised that the first three Xander books made the Top 50 – at the recent ICRS show we had our own Xander Nash character signing books, and we were still going strong after a count of over 350 books signed.”

Creation By Design hopes to continue their popularity streak in the kids market with line extensions of both the Xander Nash book series and their Activity Books with three more of each series currently in print, and coming to stores near you very soon. They also have other products featuring their artwork available through STL such as Bible Trading Cards, Posters, Postcards and a line of T-shirts.

“Thank you for your continued support. We feel very Blessed,” says Kaye.

Creation By Design’s mission is to create educational Biblical products that help children connect with God’s word in an exciting and fun way. For more information about Creation By Design, please visit www.creationbydesign.com.

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