ReduceMail Pro, Now Able to Delete Email in Native Lotus Notes Archives

ReduceMail Pro now has an optional feature that allows Lotus Notes administrator to delete email in native Lotus Notes archives.

Fair Lawn, NJ, August 20, 2011 --( Many Lotus Notes mail management solutions are able to delete email, whether in regular mail databases or in archive databases created by the solution. Avalon Business Systems added a new capability to its ReduceMail Pro software suite, Archive Deletion, which allows administrators to also delete email in archive databases created using Lotus Notes’s native archiving features.

Expanded Options for Deletion

Most Lotus Notes email deletion tools are effective at removing excess files and enforcing policies, but they have been limited in their scope. Only able to affect email either in regular mail databases or in archives they create, many of these tools cannot help administrators whose organizations use Lotus Notes’s native archiving. Email inside “home-grown” archives would simply be impossible to access unless the administrator also implemented some kind of archiving reversal process that could be expensive and troublesome in and of itself.

There is no reason, however, why an organization should ever have to go through an archiving reversal process if it only wants to perform a deletion. An organization might even have to buy a separate tool in order to implement an archiving reversal. The technology exists to allow a deletion tool access to email in Lotus Notes’s native archives. And Avalon Business Systems did just that by including the ability to delete email in Lotus Notes’s native archives as an optional feature of ReduceMail Pro Delete and ReduceMail Pro Archive, called Archive Deletion.

By acquiring Archive Deletion, an administrator is no longer as limited in the locations where he or she can delete email. Whether it is in a regular mail database, an archive database created by ReduceMail Pro, or an archive created by Lotus Notes’s native features, email can be deleted and managed as per organizational policy. For more information on ReduceMail Pro or Archive Deletion, visit or

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