The TrackBerry Mobile App: Real Time Tracking at Your Fingertips

Quantum GPS is proud to introduce the TrackBerry Mobile GPS Tracking Platform, an app that allows businesses to track their workers’ smartphones in real time using an online mapping portal optimized for cell phone tracking.

New York, NY, August 22, 2011 --( Quantum GPS has released the TrackBerry GPS tracking application. This user-friendly app effectively turns leading smartphones into real time GPS trackers, allowing businesses to easily and reliably monitor their mobile workforce. The new system, which is currently available at very affordable rates, also features speeding, unauthorized activity and SOS alerts.

The TrackBerry GPS Mobile Platform by Quantum GPS provides employers, security personnel or concerned relatives with the ability to track another individual’s smartphone in real-time. Downloaded directly onto the mobile phone, the web-based TrackBerry software offers users a robust real time GPS tracking solution without the need to carry, charge or maintain a separate GPS tracking device.

Originally designed for business customers who seek an ability to track their employees’ movements, the TrackBerry smartphone tracking platform is also an effective solution for more general personal tracking applications. Using a convenient web-based platform, customers could easily retrieve their tracked unit’s last known position. The system also features multiple geofencing and routing options, as well as the ability to change the tracking refresh rate to preserve battery life.

The TrackBerry also includes an SOS Distress feature which provides an additional level of security. By simply pressing the SOS Panic button, the smartphone owner can trigger an alert to be sent to multiple recipients. This message will convey the phone owner’s need of assistance and their exact GPS coordinates. Potentially life-saving support can then be provided rapidly and efficiently.

All the latest versions of smartphones (Blackberry phones, iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones, etc.) support the TrackBerry software. The TrackBerry is also designed to work worldwide wherever there is cellular coverage.

The TrackBerry software is now available for download at for a modest fee of $19.95 per month.

About Quantum GPS:
Quantum GPS is committed to providing top-of-line GPS tracking solutions to all of our clients. We specialize in personal trackers for children and the elderly, trackers for businesses (fleet management, employee tracking, cargo tracking), and law enforcement tracking systems. Our clients range from small and medium-sized companies to multinational companies and government agencies in need of efficient and reliable GPS tracking solutions and international monitoring capabilities.

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