Thousands Rapidly Signing Up for "Franchise Appreciation Day": A Day to Connect Consumers with Their Local Franchises

Number of New Registrants Piling High for Franchise Appreciation Day, hosted by SociallyBuzz, September 3rd, 2011 at

Miami Beach, FL, August 20, 2011 --( According to SociallyBuzz, the number of new sign-ups for Franchise Appreciation Day is exponentially increasing with each passing day. To date, there are close to 100,000 new registrants - a combination of franchises and their loyal customers- both eager to show their appreciation towards one another on Labor Day weekend.

The majority of participating franchisees, such as Jamba Juice, Golden Krust Bakery and Domino's Pizza, are giving away free items and/or significant discounts to consumers that show they have checked in to the establishment through Foursquare and/or Facebook Places. Newer franchisees to have signed up include Einstein Bros Bagels, Sit Means Sit Dog Training, Stroller Strides, and Starbucks. Franchises from all walks of various industries are spreading the news of Franchise Appreciation Day like wildfire.

No franchise is too big, or too small to participate. In fact, franchises of all sizes in any location are highly recommended to take part in this event because it allows them to be more personal with their customer-base, who will in turn make their involvement known through their social media network of connections. The popularity of Franchise Appreciation Day has even gained attention outside of the U.S, and will spread towards becoming an international event in the near future.

To learn more, or sign up for Franchise Appreciation Day as an owner or consumer, please visit:
Twitter: @FranchiseDay

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