Exclusive Line of Moisture Wicking Pajamas Offered at the Luxury Pajama Store, PajamaHeaven.com

New line of moisture wicking pajamas and sleepwear for women are offered at the luxury pajama store, PajamaHeaven.com. The luxury pajamas store for women, retails high end pajamas.

Erlanger, KY, August 21, 2011 --(PR.com)-- An exclusive line of moisture wicking pajamas and sleepwear for women is offered at the online luxury pajama store, PajamaHeaven.com (http://www.pajamaheaven.com/). To view the new collection of moisture wicking pajamas, visit: http://www.pajamaheaven.com/new-arrivals.html?fabric=172. Pajama Heaven, the online pajama store has a wide line of luxury pajamas for women.

Moisture wicking women pajamas are made using Modal and Spandex. These pajamas offer relief to women from moisture and sweat and are specially recommended for women going through menopause. Many top sleepwear and pajamas brands offer moisture wicking pajamas in the sweat-resistant fabric and PajamaHeaven.com retails most of them.

PajamaHeaven.com is a popular high end women's pajamas store that offers exclusive and elegant pajamas from the top-brass women's sleepwear brands such as: BedHead, PJ Salvage, Karen Neuburger, Carole Hochman, Stan Herman, Betsey Johnson and more. The high end women's pajamas store recently upgraded its inventory and has added more stock for the coming holidays. The new arrivals can be viewed at: http://www.pajamaheaven.com/new-arrivals.html.

Ms. Jennifer Briscoe from PajamaHeaven.com announced the availability of exclusive line of moisture wicking pajamas at their womens Pjs store and said, “Moisture wicking pajamas come as a huge relief for women! It can get really sticky and irritating for women who sweat a lot and experience hot flashes during menopause or PMS. The sweat and the hot flashes are not only a cause of irritability and disturb sleep but can even result in skin infections. This is where the sweat absorbing and preventing moisture wicking pajamas come in. Moisture wicking pajamas are designed using pure quality moisture wicking fabric that absorbs the moisture from your skin and wicks it away to air. Moisture wicking pajamas are strongly recommended to women vulnerable to night sweats due to chemo therapies and other ailments.”

An on-going inventory reduction summer sale at the luxury pajama store, PajamaHeaven.com offers luxury womens pajamas, robes, lingerie and accessories on up to 50% off the original pricing. The 50% discount can be availed on designer labels – Frankie & Johnny, BedHead and more can be viewed at: http://www.pajamaheaven.com/sale.html. Moisture wicking pajamas are not included in the summer sale event.

“If you spend most of the day at home, then you’ve all the more reason to buy moisture wicking pajamas, as they will let you complete the daily chores without being irritable with sweat. And not just moisture wicking pajamas, our new line of pajamas has a lot to offer to women who love luxurious and top quality apparel. Sleepwear for elder women is a must-see at the Pajama Heaven luxury pajama online pajamas store,” added Jennifer.

The new line of womens Pjs can be viewed at: http://www.pajamaheaven.com/new-arrivals.html

About PajamaHeaven.com :

PajamaHeaven.com retails pajamas and sleepwear for women in luxury fabrics. The luxury pajama store offers free shipping across US with every purchase over $79. PajamaHeaven guarantees that every purchase from the store will be heavenly soft. If for any reason there is a disagreement, The pajama store will take back the item no questions asked within 30 days.

PajamaHeaven's pajamas and accessories are high end and luxurious. The collection is designed by the most popular brands and designers.

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Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/PajamaHeavencom/377502760545