What She Saw in Atta's Eyes: New Book Reveals Disturbing Encounter, Issues Call to Love on 10th Anniversary of 9/11

Atlanta, GA, August 22, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Atta’s Eyes, the new release from Willow Waters Press, describes the disorientation and urgent alarm experienced by the author as “out of nowhere” a man she would later recognize as 9/11 mastermind Mohamed Atta stared through her with intensity. The first release from Willow Waters Press, Atta’s Eyes provides an intensely personal account of an unexpected encounter with evil, raises questions about personal responsibility, and delivers a call for all to embrace that which unites us in order to move forward “to where the world begins again.”

The author, writing under the name One Soul Among Many, relates her disturbing experience in gripping detail, sharing what she saw in the eyes of a mass murderer just weeks before he would fly a plane into the Twin Towers. Writing with full acknowledgement of the many questions still swirling about for her and the world, the author shares all that changed for her and for our world.

“I do not understand all that has come before. I do not know what lies ahead. Much of it seems random and absurd, a waste,” the author writes. “I have profound doubt about myself, about all that has happened and about what would have happened if. And from this doubt I feel the birth of certain Love – a Love that may save us all.”

“We chose to release Atta’s Eyes as our first Kindle book because we believe it is a message for our time,” says Willow Waters Press founder Dawn Richerson. “Atta’s Eyes stands apart from countless other books released to date and from those that will undoubtedly be released in conjunction with the 10-year anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks. This book features an original perspective through a thought-provoking narrative from an author who considers herself as “one soul among many.”

This clarion call to a place of beginning again begins with a shift in our perspective, from seeing ourselves as mere observers of society to understanding that we are each but One Soul Among Many and that each of us is called to be a bearer of light in a world easily consumed by darkness.

Atta’s Eyes is available on Amazon’s Kindle platform for $4.99. Willow Waters publishes books on spirituality, healing and wholeness.

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