Bioo Scientific Launches Benzo[a]pyrene ELISA to Rapidly Screen Food for Oil Spill Contaminants

The recently released MaxSignal® Benzo[a]pyrene ELISA Kit offers rapid screening of benzo[a]pyrene, a carcinogenic component of petroleum, in fish, shrimp, meat and water samples.

Austin, TX, August 23, 2011 --( Bioo Scientific launched the MaxSignal® Benzo[a]pyrene ELISA Kit to facilitate the screening for benzo[a]pyrene contamination in fish, shrimp, meat and water samples. Benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) is a carcinogenic component of oil that can enter the food chain during oil spills. The recent oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, Red Sea and Yellowstone River all have the potential to introduce unsafe levels of benzo[a]pyrene contamination into our food and water supply. This prompted Bioo Scientific to develop a simplified, high throughput method to rapidly screen seafood entering the consumer market for benzo[a]pyrene contamination. The MaxSignal Benzo[a]pyrene ELISA Kit is the first ELISA to offer validated extraction protocols for the rapid and inexpensive testing of both food and water samples for benzo[a]pyrene.

Offering high recovery rates and sensitive detection limits, the MaxSignal Benzo[a]pyrene ELISA Kit offers a unique, proprietary extraction protocol greatly reducing both the cost and time required for benzo[a]pyrene analysis in seafood and meat samples. The FDA level of concern for benzo[a]pyrene in finfish has been established at 35 ppb. MaxSignal Benzo[a]pyrene ELISA Kit offers detection limits of 2.5 ppb for fish, shrimp and meat, making this kit ideal for customers who need to ensure that their seafood and meat products are free of benzo[a]pyrene contamination. Additionally, with a detection limit of 0.3 ppb for water samples, the MaxSignal Benzo[a]pyrene ELISA Kit offers more sensitive quantitation of benzo[a]pyrene residues in water than any other competing ELISA.

This kit includes all of the reagents required for BaP screening including standards and a pre-coated, 96-well breakaway strip plate.

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