Alkacon Software Releases OCEE 3.0.2 for Web Content Management System OpenCms 8

Alkacon OCEE 3.0.2 extends an OpenCms 8 installation with LDAP, Clustering, Replication and improved performance. OCEE increases scalability, availability and failover security of mission-critical high-traffic OpenCms sites of a medium or large Enterprise. Adds http request load balancing and full integration of existing LDAP user directories with the OpenCms permission system.

Cologne, Germany, August 30, 2011 --( The Alkacon OpenCms Enterprise Extensions are a commercial extension for the popular open source web content management system OpenCms that offers support for LDAP, Clustering, Replication and improved performance.

The Alkacon OpenCms Enterprise Extensions consist of several OCEE modules and are available in tailor-made packages to meet functional and budgetary requirements. The OCEE Cluster package contains all available OCEE modules.

The OCEE Cluster Manager allows for clustering of OpenCms Servers in combination with Hardware Load balancers (e.g. CISCO local director). OpenCms Clusters add failover security for mission – critical environments, and good scaling availability for high traffic sites. Centralized configuration of servers with the OCEE Cluster allows a Content Manager to edit the scheduled jobs, search index configuration and module parameters for all individual servers in the cluster from a common GUI in the workplace server.

Using the database replication feature provided by the Alkacon OCEE Replicator, it is possible to replicate the complete (or part of the) OpenCms repository data to remote database instances. These remote instances are also automatically updated when changed data is published. Using this feature it is for example possible to have a separate internal OpenCms “work server” inside of a secured intranet, and a public OpenCms “production server” in a DMZ. Main features in OCEE are support for multi-staging scenarios with the OCEE Replicator: A "development" server can be configured that first pushes all generated content to a "staging" server e.g. for approval, and then afterwards to the "delivery" server. This is freely configurable, and there is no limit on the number of stages. With OCEE 3.0.2 a new interface has been added to tap into the replication process with the option to trigger cache flushing at external services like Akamai.

With the Alkacon OCEE LDAP connector, full integration of existing LDAP user directories with the OpenCms permission system is available. The connected LDAP server can be used to fully replace or in addition to the standard Database User and Group Management. Full integration of LDAP users and Groups allow using these for all OpenCms authentication and ACL permission management. Optionally, the Web interface generated by OpenCms can be used to change the password of an already logged in user. Furthermore, the OCEE LDAP Connector now supports group name translation and support for nested groups when using Microsoft Active Directory. It is now possible to connect each OpenCms Organizational Unit with an individual path in the LDAP Server.

The Alkacon OCEE Database Transaction Manager adds transaction support to the database operations performed by OpenCms. This adds an additional layer of security for long-running, large applications, especially for more complex OpenCms database operations like e.g. “publishing.” The OCEE transaction manager ensures that in case of failure, database operations are properly rolled back, so that the overall data structure remains consistent.

The Alkacon OCEE Accelerator provides additional high performance caches to accelerate the data access and delivery. Using the Alkacon OCEE Accelerator, an OpenCms system can respond faster to database requests. High – traffic sites will especially benefit from this feature. The improved OCEE Accelerator in OCEE 3.0 now features memory usage information to cache statistics. A much improved cache policy in the OCEE Accelerator now selectively flushes only certain cached items after publishing instead of just flushing everything.

The Alkacon OCEE VFS Doctor Database maintenance tool operates much like the known "Check disk" or "Repair hard drive" functionality from a standard operating system. It checks the consistency of the OpenCms file database, and reports (optionally repairs) all problems found. Running this tool you can repair the most common issues that may otherwise put your OpenCms database in an inconsistent state.

The latest OCEE release version 3.0.2 is a compatibility update to work with the new OpenCms 8.0.2.

Alkacon OCEE adds features to OpenCms that are often required for running OpenCms in a medium or large Enterprise, where data consistency, security and failover are highly important.

The Alkacon OpenCms Enterprise Extensions are available as a licensed software product from Alkacon Software GmbH, the company responsible for most of the development of the open source core OpenCms system.

OCEE is a binary only distribution. This means that the source code for the OCEE modules is not available.

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