Amazing Aerial Photos Now Offering 360 Degree - 3D Aerial Photography Solutions to Clientele Across New York

Olean, NY, August 26, 2011 --( New York based aerial photography innovator Amazing Aerial Photos has recently announced the introduction of an exciting new service that will allow their clients to capture high resolution aerial images for 360 Degree - 3D mapping of an entire area of land.

Aerial photography is now utilized in a plethora of industries around the globe. Whether it’s as a tool used in the planning stages of a real estate development project or as the ideal way to capture the captivating nature of a momentous New York sporting event, aerial photography solutions are now vital for a wide array of critical workplace applications.

Through the introduction of the new 360 Degree - 3D mapping solution from Amazing Aerial Photos, it is hoped that the company can help clients such as land developers and surveyors to track projects both aerially across the landscape and structurally at the ground level with a complete spherical look around view that showcases the entire field of vision for the project. This service is designed to help prevent roadblocks from occurring during the construction phases of a development project and therefore help organizations to consolidate building costs and save millions of dollars in terms of capital expenditure.

Provided and pioneered by owner of Amazing Aerial Photos, Michael Kintner, this new 360 Degree elevated 3D aerial photo mapping solution is destined to change the way we think about aerial photography. A new era of image capturing flexibility is now coming to fruition and Amazing Aerial Photos is once again the forefront.

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