IQ Tech Pros Joins E-Verify Program

Enrollment provides more opportunities for job-seekers; Peace-of-mind for partners.

Houston, TX, August 26, 2011 --( IQ Tech Pros today announced enrollment in the E-Verify program, an online system used by the USCIS and Social Security Administration to determine employment eligibility of prospective hires. The addition of E-Verify allows IQ Tech Pros to validate the legal status of new hires directly with the government. Additionally, participation in the program enables IQ Tech Pros to offer a 17-month extension to F1 students seeking extended Optional Practical Training (OPT) opportunities, a benefit few IT consulting companies offer.

“Not only is E-Verify the best tool for determining the employment eligibility of new hires, it’s the only one that’s government-backed, which means our partners never have to question the legal status of an IQ Tech Pros consultant,” said Kashif Aftab, CEO, “IQ Tech Pros can now connect fresh, cutting-edge IT talent from schools like MIT and Harvard with the nation’s premier companies.”

Participation in the program is voluntary in most states. Despite its advantages, very few companies are using the system. A study conducted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reveals only 230,000 employers are participating in the program.

About IQ Tech Pros

IQ Tech Pros, with over 17,000 consultants, is the world's largest full-service IT integration network. The company helps IT resellers find qualified consultants to augment their existing capabilities and help them compete in some of the largest and most complex IT projects. It helps consultants and integrators find projects quickly, get paid more consistently, and get work VISAs (if needed). Plus, it helps vendors extend the capabilities of their existing reseller base - so their resellers can better integrate their product as part of some of the largest, most complex bids.

IQ Tech Pros uses a new model, not one of the old "big consultant" models, it's like a consulting co-op where members are treated as partners and everyone does better-the consultants, the resellers and the organization needing help.

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