eLearners.com Offers Prospective Students the Opportunity to “Test Drive” College Online

eLearners.com partners with TestDriveCollegeOnline.com to help students figure out if online education is a good fit.

Hoboken, NJ, August 26, 2011 --(PR.com)-- eLearners.com today announced that it has partnered with TestDriveCollegeOnline.com to provide prospective students the opportunity to try an online college class for free. TestDriveCollegeOnline allows students to complete an online course at no cost and no obligation so that they may assess their readiness for online education before committing to an online college degree program or paying tuition. Earlier this year, a study from the Community College Research Center at Teachers College of Columbia University offered recommendations to improve the success of online students, which included assessing their readiness for online instruction.

To help qualify students going back to school, TestDriveCollegeOnline features a College Competency Exam that first identifies if a student is academically prepared for a college-level course. The test effectively gauges a student’s aptitude through freshman-level English and math questions and once a student passes the exam, they are able to “test drive” one of five available online college classes. Courses take five weeks to complete and require about nine hours of study each week. By closely replicating a typical online college experience, TestDriveCollegeOnline removes the unknown and helps students decide if online education is right for them.

“For many adults, online education is the best way for them to earn a degree while still being able to work and care for their family. However, for someone that hasn’t been in school for awhile, the idea of going back can be a little intimidating, especially if they don’t know what they’re signing up for,” said Tony Huffman, Senior Vice President at TestDriveCollegeOnline.com. “Taking a TestDriveCollegeOnline course not only lets students find out if they like online learning, but if they’re ready for college-level study. It’s a great way for someone to take the first step toward college and make an educated decision before investing time or money.”

“Without the TestDriveCollegeOnline experience I wouldn’t be where I am today. Online education made sense for my circumstances, but I was afraid to try since I didn’t know what to expect and I wasn’t sure that I would be successful,” said Heather Baker, a student who completed a TestDriveCollegeOnline course and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in HR Management online at Western Governors University. “Because I was able to prove to myself that I could do well, the TestDriveCollegeOnline course gave me the confidence I needed to enroll in a degree program and I’m now on track to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in February 2013.”

The American Council on Education (ACE) has evaluated and approved all TestDriveCollegeOnline courses, so students who pass a TestDriveCollegeOnline course can apply to transfer those credits to any ACE member school. ACE member institutions serve 80 percent of today’s college students.

Today’s announcement marks the addition of TestDriveCollegeOnline to the library of tools and resources offered by eLearners.com to help prospective students assess if they are ready for online education. It joins the eLearners Advisor, a survey tool that evaluates a student’s readiness and provides comprehensive results, including feedback and suggestions on how to increase success in an online program, access to helpful resources and assistance in finding an online degree that matches their career goals, and the Guide to Online Education, a robust series of articles designed to help prospective students educate themselves about online learning.

Prospective students seeking information about accredited online schools and degree programs should visit www.elearners.com.

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