GuardTime Keyless Signatures Selected by Cernam to Deliver the World's First Purpose-Built System for Capturing Online Evidence

Cernam's integration of GuardTime Keyless Signatures allows for the preservation of online content as legal evidence, delivering proof of integrity for a uniquely fragile form of digital data.

San Francisco, CA, August 26, 2011 --( GuardTime (, creator of Keyless Signature technology providing indisputable proof of time, origin, and data integrity for the world’s electronic information, today announced that its Keyless Signature technology has been adopted by Cernam, creators of the first purpose-built system for capturing and preserving evidence from online sources. Cernam’s technology enables investigators, attorneys and government agencies to capture online content in a forensically-sound manner and the addition of GuardTime’s Keyless Signature technology ( will provide cryptographically secure digital signatures, providing built-in tamper detection for all evidence captured using Cernam’s system.

When dealing with digital evidence, courts require forensic rigor in the collection of data, the capture of full and accurate content, the preservation of metadata, and the production of data as it originally existed. Cernam has designed its system from the ground up to meet these requirements and will now enhanced its core technology by adding Keyless Signatures to provide mathematical proof of integrity, thereby removing the unnecessary reliance on trust.

Organizations dealing with online content as evidence can now leverage Cernam’s "Capture & Preserve" technology to collect evidence from websites, message boards, social networking sites, online productivity tools and web-based enterprise systems. By utilizing a purpose-built system which includes GuardTime’s Keyless Signature technology for proof of time and integrity, organizations can abandon evidentially-flawed methods such as screenshots and printouts, raising online content to the level of evidence experienced with email or hard disk forensics.

Attaching a GuardTime Keyless Signature ( to every item of evidence captured and preserved in the evidence container produced by the system, Cernam "Capture & Preserve" collects and packages the entire content of a web page or other online resource in an evidentially sound manner, providing survivable third-party verification of time and integrity without the reliance on any specific technology providers.

"When we set out to create the first purpose-built system to capture and preserve online evidence we knew we had to play to our strengths: the principles of digital evidence, modern web technologies and the use of digital evidence. We equally knew that we needed to integrate proven technology for secure digital timestamps and proof of integrity, rather than attempting to ‘roll our own," said Owen O’Connor, founder and managing director of Cernam.

O’Connor continued: "GuardTime represents the ideal partner for Cernam since their Keyless Signature technology gives us two proof points which are fundamental to digital forensics and investigations: a) the exact point in time when evidence was collected; and b) proof that the evidence has not been changed or tampered with since the time it was collected."

Cernam Capture & Preserve is currently in beta and will be released in late 2011. For details of Cernam’s online evidence technology, visit

About Cernam:
Cernam is a specialist digital investigations firm based in Dublin, Ireland that is focused on the use of online content as digital evidence. Building on a background in information security, electronic discovery, and corporate investigations, Cernam develops unique tools that bring forensic rigor to the collection, preservation and analysis of online evidence.

About GuardTime:
A Red Herring Global 100 Winner and Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award Winner, GuardTime was founded with the goal of solving one of the biggest problems in computing: trust. GuardTime’s Keyless Signatures provide proof of data integrity, signing authority, and time. The verification of the signature can be done offline without the reliance on keys, secrets, or the existence of a trusted third party. GuardTime’s mission is to change the world to one where keyless signatures are ubiquitous and a natural part of the everyday data lifecycle, whether on disk, in transit, or in the cloud.

Visit for more information about using Keyless Signatures for signing your data.

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