Passion River Films Releases "Questions for Crazy Horse," Native American Film Exploring History and Current Issues of the Lakota

Called “Imaginative, fearless” by MovieMaker Magazine Editor-In-Chief Tim Rhys, “Questions For Crazy Horse” is available on DVD 9/20/11

New York, NY, August 26, 2011 --( “Questions for Crazy Horse” presents a thorough look at how the Lakota (Sioux) of South Dakota have been impacted by the life of Crazy Horse. Featuring American Indian icons Russell Means (Last of the Mohicans) and Jay Red Hawk (Deadliest Warrior), this Native American film releases on 9/20/11.

Filmmaker Oliver Tuthill travels to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, as well as the Black Hills of South Dakota, to film and research his documentary “Questions for Crazy Horse: Hypothetical Conversations with the Strange Warrior of the Oglala Lakota.” He speaks with tribe members who comment on how Crazy Horse might have felt about adversity facing the Lakota today. The most notable issue is also the longest running legal case in U.S. history: the Lakota versus the United States concerning their confiscation of the Black Hills, considered holy ground by the Lakota.

The film also examines the Crazy Horse Memorial, in the heart of the Black Hills. A statue of Crazy Horse upon one of his favorite ponies will become the world’s largest rock sculpture, first started in 1948. The Crazy Horse Memorial also contains rare documents, historical letters, Native American art, and photos, which are shown in the film. Russell Means, star of “Last of the Mohicans,” author, and lecturer who helped found the American Indian Movement (AIM), also gives insightful comments about the history and current state of the Lakota.

“Questions for Crazy Horse” has received nationwide screenings and rave reviews. Tim Rhys, Editor-In-Chief of MovieMaker Magazine, calls it an “Imaginative fearless attempt to help bridge the gap between myth and modern Indian life.”

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