harlequins enigma Releases Octagon Volume 2 - Nachtspiel, Dance EP

Available on iTunes now.

Bergen, Norway, August 26, 2011 --(PR.com)-- harlequins enigma releases Octagon Volume 2 - Nachtspiel, Dance EP. The album was released 24.08.2011 & is available on iTunes. It will appear on Amazon mp3, napster & spotify during the following weeks. Nachtspiel was mastered at trackwriterz / king penn studios. The album features 2 new tracks & 2 new remasters + dancefloor 11, all king penn masters from night pulse & the silhouette of Dr. Voodoo. Artists in the Nachtspiel project are Jean Michel Jarre, Emma Watson, Katie Leung, Elin Berge & harlequins enigma owner: åge Riisnes.

Notes from harlequins enigma owner, åge Riisnes around his inspiration:

He drew much inspiration from early 80s/90s+ hits in his heart & had a nice period in 2009 where many of the "skyscrapers" came to life. A romance had much to do with parts of it. In his early ophidian period, he was influenced by a vast number of artists, including amiga artists atjazz, Oistein J. Eide - Boom Jinx, Jesper Kyd, Bjørn Lynne & others - in addition he had a nice collection of audio CD's like Jean Michel Jarre - Chronologie, Vangelis - Blade Runner, Pink Floyd - The Wall, Limp Bizkit, Korn, P.O.D., Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Yello, King Diamond, Røyksopp, tons of the best billboard music & classical pieces from Beethoven, Grieg, Wagner & others. They were all part of his root elements. He also had an early heavy metal period with favourites at the time: Metallica, King Diamond, Motley Crue, Ratt, Whitesnake, Rainbow, The Clash & more. Plus he grew fond of Kenji Kawai's Ghost in the Shell soundtrack among others as his roots were made from the early 1990's to the next millenium. Night Pulse & the Silhouette of Dr. Voodoo was based much upon Heartbeat b.p.m. - but much of it drew juice from manga, metal etc, like alt.

Track Index:
Harlequins Enigma - Quack Love - Skyscraper Dancefloor 11
Harlequins Enigma - Rally (feat. jean michel jarre)
Harlequins Enigma - Scintilla Sparkles
Harlequins Enigma - Skyscraper Dancefloor 16 - Dark Years (feat. elin berge)
Harlequins Enigma - Trance Answering (feat. jean michel jarre, emma watson, katie leung)

harlequins enigma seeks recognition for their work. Sales have been at an all time low constantly & a more detailed memoire of attacks on his mind & body, plus also harlequins enigma itself, have been reported to 6 different organisations in the world. This started out a long time ago and is based upon experimental organized harassment from similar examples as written at norvegian website http://www.sivorg.info/organisert_trakassering.php - details of this occurrence are written on harlequins enigma's homepage http://www.harlenia.com. The natural evolution of the group has been tampered with and they hope to see this as history via justice & law in the future. Many of harlequins enigma's wav files - many of them unprotected via backups, have been destroyed in some way via hacking. The wav files have numerous partially hidden vocals & much alteration of the wav files have been discovered via bumps in a clear part. Electronic bleeps have also occurred multiple times. Some of this may be impossible to save.

åge riisnes sees himself as an agnostic, anti jante person, he values human rights and equality and is an animal lover and romantic. harlequins enigma announces delay in octagon volume 3 - battle without dishonour. It will most likely be released in end of September 2011.

harlequins enigma
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trance answering 1:16 clip

trance answering 1:16 clip

featuring j.m. jarre, e. watson, k. leung