Bloodstone Books Publishes Gripping Family Saga by New Author

The latest book from Bloodstone Books, the Cambridge publisher that specialises in publishing self-published and out-of-print books, is a beautiful wartime saga that offers readers a rare glimpse into a time that is rarely written about.

Cambridge, United Kingdom, August 27, 2011 --( Set during the second World War, "Four Houses" by Margaret Reeves does not focus on the brutalities of war. Instead, using the author’s astonishing depth of knowledge of the period, it examines the lives of those who were left behind in England while the war was being fought in distant places.

Through 432 pages (this is a long, pleasurable read), "Four Houses" offers a window into a time and a place that has not been examined in such detail and with such care for a long time. In doing so, it demonstrates that the personal and emotional battles of those not fighting the war were as critical as the more physical battles of those in uniform.

At the heart of the book is Fran Travers, a young woman who, while trying to discover the truth of her past, faces heartbreaking choices against the backdrop of a war that is changing her life, and those of the people around her forever.

More importantly, perhaps, her story is told with a quality of writing that makes the reader care about the characters, will them on through their triumphs, and regret their tears when tragedy occurs.

A gripping family saga involving the occupants of four houses drawn together against the intrusions of the second World War, "Four Houses" demonstrates that Margaret Reeves is an accomplished and talented author.

"Four Houses" is available now from all online booksellers and to order from High Street bookshops. Further details about "Four Houses" can be found online at

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