Natural Detoxification Company, Drug Free Detox, Offering Free Report Online

New York, NY, August 27, 2011 --( A Leading company specializing in natural detoxification products, Drug Free Detox, is now proudly offering Cutting Eege State Of The Art literature through their website. This free online report titled The Truth About Becoming Addicted is an insightful reading in the world of addiction.

Drug Free Detox is now offering a free online report through its website. The report, specifically written to give information about addiction and addicts, is targeted to both the patients and their loved ones, as a mean to understand the disease of addiction and gain a better understanding of how to deal with the condition.

This free online report is an addition to the natural detoxification program already offered by Drug Free Detox. The natural detox program offers a combination of all natural protocols in order to fight off the withdrawal symptoms that make recovery almost impossible for many addicts using opiates and alcohol. By combining counseling services, the drug free detox protocols and this new free online report, Drug Free Detox is offering users a full-service solution to recover from any addiction that took over their life.

Drug Free Detox is doctor recommended, offering natural products to promote detoxification of cocaine, morphine, heroine and other opiates, as well as alcohol and other similar addictions. The detoxification programs offered by Drug Free Detox have been proven to target withdrawal symptoms and minimize them, which smoothes the recovery process of addicts and allow them to kick their habit.

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