HomeFire Media Releases "Masks," a Story of Medical Espionage

Publisher HomeFire Media is pleased to announce the release of "Masks," its first venture into book publishing. A Hollywood murder. A mysterious explosion. Industrial espionage. Human experiments. Government coverup. Based on true events.

Los Angeles, CA, August 29, 2011 --(PR.com)-- HomeFire Media, based in West Hills, Calif., announces the release of "Masks," a novelization by James Boswell of true events surrounding a case of industrial medical espionage.

James Boswell is a Southern California writer and investigator. When he first became aware in 2001 of the events described in "Masks," he had been looking into the death of a teen runaway. What he learned led him to a story whose repercussions are still felt today by a suffering public that has been deprived of a revolutionary medical technology.

See the book page at http://masks.homefiremedia.com.

Early 1990s.

All Dr. Michael Donovan wanted, all he had ever dreamed of, was to help humanity. But his dream became a nightmare.

His advanced biotechnology chip had the potential to revolutionize medicine for treatment of patients suffering neurological degeneration or traumatic injuries.

But someone else had no intention of letting the secrets of the chip ever get to the public, and they were willing to kill for it.

They had killed Donovan's employees and his father to get to him.

Now he had plans to get to them, no matter the obstacle.

But to do so, he would have to descend to their level, into a world of darkness where deception was the only rule you could trust and human beings were just manufactured products who lived or died at the whims of power.

HomeFire Media
Shelley Lamb