Bryce Cullen Publishing Releases Kenneth V. Vickery's Compelling New Novel on a Nude and Peaceful Future

Let's Git Nakid Depicts a World Void of Violence, Hate, and Inequality

Alpine, NJ, August 28, 2011 --( Imagine a society fully comprised of serenity, peace, equality, and…complete nudity. In Kennth V. Vickery's new novel, Let's Git Nakid, this is precisely the case. Set in the summer of 2025, you might immediately—and naturally—question how so much change could transpire in a mere fourteen years. The key is the discussed Shift of Consciousness of 2012 and all the influence and transformation that goes along with it.

Vickery, a retired electronic technician, teacher, and preacher who spends much of his time thinking about a better future, strives to depict and convey the real possibility of such a state of affairs—even if the nude element is more so an allegory…but a powerful one at that. Messages and themes of hope, personal growth, relationship growth, and coming of age all prevail. Let's Git Nakid is not just a window into a blissful, naked future of world peace—it's an exciting and intriguing taste of what's right.

Just released internationally by Bryce Cullen Publishing, Let's Git Nakid is available from all major booksellers. For more information, visit the author's website at

Bryce Cullen Publishing
David Michael Gettis