New Digital and Interactive Approach to AP Calculus

Worldwide Center of Mathematics has launched a digital AP Calculus textbook, combining college-level mathematical content with interactive features.

Cambridge, MA, August 30, 2011 --( Worldwide Center of Mathematics (WCM), a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based digital resource and textbook publisher, has launched Worldwide AP Calculus, a combination of their Worldwide Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus textbooks tailored towards both the AB and BC College Board AP Calculus exams.

The Worldwide Calculus Series includes AP Calculus, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus and Multivariable Calculus. The textbooks are written as PDFs, allowing them to be versatile and accessible while hosting a variety of interactive features not found in standard textbooks.

"Worldwide AP Calculus is more than just a textbook," says Rani Pimentel, Director of Operations at WCM. "Students are given a plethora of digital features within the text to help them both in and out of the classroom. Features include hyperlinks for easy navigation, pop-up comments for further explanations and full-length video lectures associated with each section of the book."

The lecture videos are published under a Creative Commons license and are available free on their website and YouTube. The videos will also be made available free to download on iTunes University this fall.

Worldwide AP Calculus is available as a PDF download, printed textbook, DVD or flash drive.

"The benefits of the DVD and flash drive options are that we make the video files from the textbook available without Internet connection," Pimentel says. "However, we have found that the simple PDF download is the most popular and most practical. Students can load the PDF textbook on their laptops, iPad or even smartphone and take it with them wherever they go."

Not only have the features of the textbook evolved, but also the content. Dr. David B. Massey, author of Worldwide AP Calculus and founder of WCM, believes that the Worldwide Calculus series contains high-quality, rigorous mathematics unseen in many of today's Calculus textbooks.

"Many modern Calculus textbooks sacrifice technically accurate definitions and theorems in the name of readability," Massey says. "Our Calculus textbooks contain very friendly, down-to-Earth exposition, and yet still contain precise definitions and rigorous statements of theorems. Highly-technical proofs are included, but are relegated to the Technical Matters appendices to avoid interfering with the readability."

In addition to creating digital textbooks, WCM also strives to make textbooks more affordable. Their digital textbooks range from $9.95 to $14.95.

"It is time to make a stand against the outrageous prices many publishers have been charging for their textbooks," says Pimentel. "Therefore, we have made it a point to not only create superior textbooks and resources, but also make them affordable. We find that both teachers and students are ready for the shift to both affordable and digital textbooks."

Over 1,000 high school and university students will use WCM textbooks across the country this fall.

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