Bahamas Airport Advertising Chooses Meyer Sound Laboratories Self Powered Speakers to Get Advertisers Messages Clearly Heard

Nassau, Bahamas, The, August 29, 2011 --( When Bahamas Airport Advertising was met with the challenge of providing the very best visual solutions for the advertisers dollars, they turned to Icor International Systems. By integrating some of the very best products available to the market today, we were able to set the advertising solutions apart from any similar advertising system in the entire world. When the new airport opened to the public, there was virtually a race to bid on particular advertising space, all placed in strategic locations throughout the airport so that arriving guests have enough time to view each and every content set to play. When it became evident that sound would only enhance the advertisers results, Bahamas airport Advertising turned to Icor International Systems once again and said, just like with the video results, they wanted to “Knock it out of the park” a terminology used for a home run. Icor International Systems with some of the worlds most recognized Audio Engineers were quick to suggest speakers ideal for the application.

Instead of installing economical consumer speakers, Bahamas Airport Advertising took the advice of Icor International Systems and invested in the very best. John Bethel, President of Bahamas Airport Advertising clearly stated in the advertising business, one needs to be cutting edge which was his approach when considering all advertising products that made it into phase 1 of the new airport. Bahamas Airport Advertising was committed to offering the very best in advertisement value to their long list of committed advertisers and if by supplying Meyer Sound would help his customers with better returns on their advertising outcome, then this is what it will be.

About Icor International Systems. Originally founded in the Caribbean, Icor International Systems has grown into a vast industry covering Certified Designers and Project Management specializing in Audio & Visual Solutions Television Broadcast-Pro Sports – Hospitality – Houses of Worship – Higher Education. With the recent acquisition of two well known Audio visual integrators and design firms located in North America, This enables Icor International Systems the ability to expand their territory and services offered now having access so some of the best known systems designers in all of North America.

About Meyer Sound
Since its founding, Meyer Sound has been devoted to meeting the needs of sound reinforcement professionals with the finest products available, the industry’s most extensive and knowledgeable customer support, and high-level technical education.

The 1970s saw sound equipment for live performance increase in power capability, but not in reliability or fidelity. In 1979, John and Helen Meyer established Meyer Sound to create and support high-quality products for sound reinforcement and recording, designed to meet the real challenges faced by audio practitioners. Today, the company’s history shows a track record of more than 30 years of innovation, quality, performance and support.

Meyer Sound has more than 200 employees at its Berkeley, Calif., headquarters and satellite offices, including one of the largest engineering staffs (in proportion to company size) in the audio industry. International sales and support are supplied by more than half a dozen offices around the globe. The company works closely with professionals in all areas of sound reinforcement, gathering information on customers’ needs and providing the tools, training, technical support and information to enable the best experience possible for sound system users and audiences alike. Meyer Sound products are manufactured entirely at its Berkeley factory, where high technology is combined with hand craftwork. By performing core processes in house, the company is able to exercise the control to insure its quality standards are met and that each unit is exactly the same as the last.

John and Helen Meyer have been personally involved with the performing arts for years, which has given them a feeling for the role of technology in the arts. Meyer Sound is often involved directly with the performing arts at both corporate and individual levels, locally in Berkeley and worldwide. This is one more way that the company stays in touch with the real reason for its existence.

Icor International Systems, a long established company holding current relationships with some of the Caribbean’s most renowned casino and resorts. With proven systems Design Skills, Icor International Systems has been designated representatives for Meyer Sound in the Bahamian Chain of islands. There simply is no better performing speaker on the market, as quoted by Icor International’s Senior Systems engineer. With facilities located in New Providence, support is clearly a factor when making a purchase decision as one client bluntly put it. Icor International also maintains a operations office in South Florida providing engineering services, systems assembly and preparations and order consolidation to ship to the end destinations.

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