Magic Flame Production Launches Kickstarter Project

In the search for alternative funding Magic Flame Productions, LLC has started a Kickstarter project for their first feature film NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

West Palm Beach, FL, August 31, 2011 --( For those of you that are not familiar with, it is a place where creative projects can look for funding. Whether you are after making your first feature film or trying to document a novel in a series of books, Kickstarter has it all.

Based on one hell of a true story… Follow Jason as he takes wrong turn after wrong turn in his life. Being released from prison for attempted murder is his chance to fix the things in his life that he has broken. But is he fixing things or is this just another wrong turn?

“As someone who's loved film his whole life, I decided, with my longtime friend, to take a story that was close to our hearts and put it on paper. From there we thought, let’s make something special, something that every person can relate to on some level and feel the love we have for this project. A project that is being treated like our first and our last. This is the time and the story to be remembered for making something great,” says Louis.

“Our goal is to raise $35,000. The funds that are pledged through Kickstarter will help take our production to the next level,” continues Louis. “We would like to add a well-known actor to our cast. With your donations we can make this happen. Magic Flame Productions loves local talent and giving the next 'Brad Pitt' their break in film. But we all know that well-known actors boost your box office value and chances for distribution,” adds Alonso.

For those of you unfamiliar with Kickstarter, which is part of, it is an all-or-nothing endeavor – if Magic Flame Productions does not meet their goal, they get none of what was pledged and nobody gets charged for anything. Unfortunately, they also will not be able to pay out any of the incentives. However, if they go over their goal, they get all of it. And yes, they will continue to pay out the incentives to donors who contribute beyond the goal.

Right now their independent film is being prepared for production and it is the perfect time to decide who they want to add to the cast. Depending on the success of the Kickstarter campaign, they can make their film a Sundance contender. Every little bit helps.

Once the film is completed, they plan to pursue every possible opportunity to distribute and screen NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. They have every intention of pursuing entry into all major film festivals, and are in communication with a couple of distribution houses. They have planned a number of screenings in Florida, NJ, NY, and LA for mainstream press reviews and promotional outreach. They also plan to release the DVD and digital download by mid-2012.

Basically, they are going to do everything they can to ensure that as many people see this film as possible and that anyone interested in seeing it has the opportunity to do so but need your help.

Magic Flame Productions
Magic Flame Productions is a South Florida based independent film company founded by two guys that just love film. The idea to start a company began with an unfinished sixty page manuscript written by co-founder Josh Louis. When Josh reconnected with childhood friend and co-founder/film-maker Chris Alonso, the decision was made for this story to be brought to life.

A company was formed with the plan to film their first feature film, NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION in their beautiful backyard of West Palm Beach, Florida.

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