New AstraQom Logo Reflects Its Fresh and Apropos Direction

Cebu, Philippines, September 01, 2011 --( In a step that reflects its new and promising strategy and positioning, AstraQom reveals a brand-new logo with a 3-D concept. The popular industry solutions provider's strategy focuses newly on empowering cultural or crucial niches while keeping its excellent reputation as a solid wholesale international telecom partner since early 2009. The process of choosing the final, new AstraQom logo, involved AstraQom leadership and team members and also key clients on six continents.

"The 3-D concept, opposed to our former 2-D dimension suggests our new and extra dimensional approach to communications," says Jonathan Sowah, the CEO of AstraQom. "The curves beaming in progressing suggests our forward progression and also indicate a globe when seen collectively. A notable feature also is how the progression of AstraQom (represented by curves) brings together the two others separated bits of the design located on left and right of beams."

The logo will illuminate the soon new look of AstraQom's website and all other company-related media. The fresh whites and blues connote the new approach of AstraQom of its offerings such as the platform and services for nonprofit organizations or health and medical field or ethnic-related and even sometimes including popular social media communities such as its fast growing Filipino network

"The blue 'Q' in AstraQom has all positive implications. 'Q' is the 17th letter of the Roman alphabet. MIT notes that '17' is the 'least random number'. It is the number of syllables in one of the world's most lovely literature pieces, the Japanese haiku. Plus, AstraQom began in Quebec. Its services exude a quality that makes customers, business partners, vendors and team members experience undeniable and positive confidence as is noted by '17'. We will have the chance to meet with current and potential customers, vendors and business partners at ITEXPO West in Austin, Texas the week of September 12-16, 2011. I think the timing and the appearance for the new logo is perfect," shares Suzanne Bowen, vp of business development at AstraQom.

The CEO of AstraQom Jonathan Sowah was previously the VP president for Aon Communications in United Kingdom. He also founded and managed MyWorldOnline Limited of UK and later sold it. He has been involved in the communications sector for the past sixteen years. He has been the 'idea person' behind many new changes in 2011 at AstraQom. The founders of the company continue to build with a team who embrace change whenever needed, see customers as VIP, and believe in the reality of a global marketplace noting the needs of unique niches.

Albeit, the AstraQom logo has changed, the company's agreed resolution among its team members in the West and East hemispheres is to offer high-quality service but with even more of a holistic approach to who their customers are and what they represent and want to represent. "Our 'symbol' may be new and very different than before, we still aim for the ideal experience for clients," adds Mr. Sowah. "We believe that the elegance of the new logo explains our company better than ever. Look for more exciting changes in 2011 and 2012 and forward. We constantly work to portray the right image and results that more then satisfy everyone involved."

About AstraQom:
AstraQom Corporation is a fast growing Canadian communications solutions provider offering affordable telephone and Internet services and products using cutting-edge technology backed by extraordinary bilingual customer service. In October 2009, AstraQom Corporation successfully merged with Aon Communiation, Inc., a network development solutions provider based in Ottawa to further reinforce the drive towards the pursuit of research and development of powerfully enabling communications solutions. It currently runs a majority of operations from Ottawa, Montreal, Maniwaki, Toronto (in Canada) as well as in Miami (USA) and Mexico City (Mexico). Our professionally trained staff in all these locations are committed to the provision of a warm and informative service to our existing customers as well as pre-sale enquiries. Visit for more information.

Suzanne Bowen