WIDS Released. New Web-Based Curriculum Design, Management and Dissemination System.

The Worldwide Instructional Design System (WIDS) just released WIDS, a new Web-based curriculum design application. Harnessing the latest technologies, WIDS extends beyond desktop instructional design to encompass a complete system supporting organizational curriculum design, management and dissemination. Discover its capabilities at www.wids.org and take a video tour.

Waunakee, WI, September 01, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The new WIDS Web-based application facilitates the design of programs, courses and curriculum maps; the alignment of standards, outcomes and assessments; the creation of assessment rubrics and outcome assessment plans; and the ability to manage – at an organizational level – curriculum workflow, approval and archiving. The new WIDS Web-based curriculum design application offers clients secure, 24/7 Internet access and eliminates the need for organizational IT support to install, trouble-shoot or update. This saves organizations time and money, according to WIDS Director Judy Neill.

A robust curriculum management system, WIDS is based on a heavily researched performance-based instructional model that’s been in use since 1992. “The model is learner centered, performance based, program centric and assessment driven,” said WIDS Associate Director Robin Nickel. “WIDS is unique because it is specific to curriculum design and the assessment of learning outcomes. It offers an institutional view of organizational, program and course outcomes.”

Thus, WIDS allows instructors and curriculum designers to develop programs and courses via the Web by accessing their institution’s branded Web portal. It harnesses cloud-computing technology to ensure a variety of powerful benefits. Cloud computing works in concert with WIDS to ensure licensed users can design, revise, export and store curriculum documents online, at any time of the day or night.

“It’s far more savvy than traditional software solutions,” said Neill, “because WIDS is based on a relational database. This means that data items changed in one part of the application, instantaneously change everywhere in the application.”

Moreover, WIDS delivers a way to manage time-dated information by allowing categorization of curriculum projects by status – work in progress, active, future and expired. Licensed WIDS users login to a Web portal branded for their college or company, to access WIDS. Then they can design, align, assess and manage curriculum.

The new WIDS delivers access via the Web; program assessment rubrics, program outcome and improvement plans; and syllabus, learning plan and course assessment design capabilities. The Web-based application ensures curriculum documents are safe and secure; that courses and programs can be easily developed and edited; and that the latest curriculum documents are the most current versions.

Additionally, WIDS implementation is orchestrated with assistance from WIDS consultants, who work closely with licensed colleges and organizations. This includes portal site set up and site administrator and project management training.

A nonprofit division of the Wisconsin Technical College System Foundation Inc. (WTCSF), WIDS offers advanced tools and personal support to help clients design effective performance-based curriculum.

To learn more about WIDS – a curriculum design, management and dissemination tool – access one of several tutorial videos, or consider engaging in a WIDS Webinar. Visit www.wids.org or call 800-677-9437.

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Robin Nickel