SloFunkPump Releases Steelers Anthem Video for Season Opener

Rene Morales Directs the 2011 Steelers Anthem Video.

Pittsburgh, PA, September 01, 2011 --( Today, SloFunkPump releases a new, live footage video for "Steelers Anthem (Est. 1933)". The song has gained heavy attention on internet sites and Steelers blogs since its release two weeks before last year's Super Bowl.

"It's always great to see a song do what it was designed to do," SloFunkPump said. "Fans are enjoying it as an anthem. The new video really shows how the song reflects the game of football."

Rene Morales directed and edited the footage for the new video.

"When I first heard the song," Morales said. "I couldn't wait to hear that powerful drumbeat playing over a Steelers hit."

The Pittsburgh Steelers are known for the gritty image with little fluff or fanfare. "Steelers Anthem (Est. 1933)" extends that concept with its bare bones style of rhythm guitar and stadium stomp drums.

"The guitar sound in the choruses was chosen because it sounds like a mechanical whistle," SloFunkPump said. "It's a great fight song. The real deal."

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Joseph DeLillo