Announcing Karen Sperling’s Painting for Photographers DVD Volume 2: Landscapes

Corel Painter Master Karen Sperling debuts new instructional DVD featuring art lessons and Corel Painter steps for turning landscape photos into painted works of art.

Los Angeles, CA, September 01, 2011 --( Photographers and artists who have wanted to take their landscape photos to the next level can benefit from Corel Painter Master Karen Sperling’s new Painting for Photographers DVD Volume 2: Landscapes.

The new DVD’s art lessons and Painter steps, in addition to its three sets of customized brushes, cut to the chase for transforming landscape photos into works of art in Corel Painter. The resulting paintings can be used for fine art or any kind of design that calls for landscape vistas.

The DVD, like all of Karen Sperling’s Artistry instructional materials, is geared toward both photographers who never studied art and artists.

Photographers can learn such important art theories as how to tell if a photo is a good candidate to be turned into a painting; how to choose colors; and how to maximize the use of tones to create masterpiece landscape paintings from photos. Then photographers learn how to apply the art theories by following step-by-step instructional videos for painting photos in various styles in Corel Painter.

Artists, meanwhile, can either skip the art lessons or view them as a brushup and then learn from the software tutorial steps either to paint photos or to paint landscapes from scratch.

The Painting for Photographers DVD Volume 2: Landscapes is compatible with Painter versions X, 11 and 12 and includes:

91.24 minutes of tutorial movies
• Art Lessons analyzing the art, style and techniques of famous landscape artists including Paul Cézanne, Claude Monet, John Constable, George Inness, Vincent Van Gogh, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, J. M. W. Turner, John Robert Cozens, Edward Hopper, John Sell Cotman, Thomas Girtin, Frederic E. Church, Granville Redmond, Thomas Gainsborough and Jack Wilkinson Smith.
• Instructions for painting landscapes from photos in an oil style
• Instructions for painting landscapes from photos in a watercolor style
2 Bonus tutorial movies
• Instructions for turning seascape photos into paintings
• Instructions for turning cityscape photos into paintings
3 sets of bonus brushes
• Brushes that simplify the painting process and provide exquisitely rendered oil and watercolor style brushstrokes master crafted by Karen Sperling, based on her 20 years of experience working with Corel Painter starting with writing the software’s first several manuals.

The Painting for Photographers DVD Volume 2: Landscapes is available at the Artistry web site


About the Producer
Karen Sperling is the original Corel Painter expert. She demo’d Painter when it debuted at Boston Macworld in August 1991 after having written the first Painter manual. She went on to write the manuals for the next several versions of Painter and wrote several published Painter books, including her current bestselling book, Painting for Photographers. A Painter Master listed at Corel’s web site, Karen produced the Painting for Photographers DVD Volume 1: Portraits and the Painting for Photographers DVD Volume 2: Landscapes. She has created two bonus CD’s featuring her own custom Painter brushes, one for painting portraits and the other for painting landscapes. The book, DVD’s and CD’s are available at the Artistry web site

Karen has taught and demo’d Painter for 20 years all over the United States at just about every venue there is, including the national Professional Photographers of America (PPA) convention, local PPA affiliates and PPA schools; WPPI; American Film Institute; Macworld; Seybold; and SIGGRAPH. Karen’s commissioned portraits and paintings are held in private collections around the world. Her abstract art has been exhibited in New York’s prestigious Chelsea section and during Art Basel Miami. Her portraits and fine art are available at her art web site
Karen Sperling